Nightwatch Js an end to end testing tool for automating web

Udemy Nightwatch Js an end to end testing tool for automating web

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Nightwatch Js for beginners and experienced .

What you'll learn​

  • Students can gain nice automation knowledge on nightwatch js , after completing this course they will be in a position to automate any website .
  • Students can design framework from scratch with page objects , reporting and many other things both in JS and TS after completing this course.
  • After completing this course students will be in a position to write visual testing automation test cases as well.
  • Students can bag nice job in the market because nightwatch has some good demand in IT , very few people knew it .


  • Any programming knowledge is fine , even without any programming knowledge you can attend this course , manual web application testing knowledge is more than enough.


Learn more in less time is my goal for this tutorial .
If you want any specific content to be covered other than contents covered in the course, you can ask me -- will do a video on it too,
In this course you will learn end to end about using Nightwatch js tool with both Javascript and Typescript . Main goal of this course is to achieve /learn more about automation testing in short time .After completing this course you will be able to design a framework from scratch with page Objects and beautiful test case reporting with logs and screenshots attached and many other things.I request everyone to please plug In your ear phones when watching this course so it will be much clear . Initially we will be learning Nightwatch Js configuration which is root for starting automation .you need to have a little javascript programming knowledge .In case if you're already working on test automation tools like selenium java => after taking up this course you will feel too easier as we write very less code and achieve more.

->Nightwatch Configuration
How to auto take screenshot on failure
How to use environments
How to use launch Url
How to not skip test cases on failure
Soft Assertions
Hard Assertions
And many more…

->Nightwatch reporting with mocha , Nightwatch html reporter and others

-> Page Objects

-> we will be covering Nightwatch with javascript & typescript

-> initially we will be talking about Nightwatch javascript then Nightwatch typescript

-> Nightwatch VRT

About Tool
Nightwatch.js is one of the popular integrated framework for performing automated end-to-end testing on web applications and websites, across all major browsers. It is written in Node.js and uses the W3C WebDriver API to interact with various browsers.
It is a complete end-to-end and cross-browser testing solution and it aims to simplify the process of writing and running various types of tests.
Note :This course is still in development phase , I will be adding more videos to this course daily , so please don't look at the length , you will have lot of learning curve .

Who this course is for:​

  • Beginner / experienced automation testers / manual testers or who ever looking to learn automation testing can take this course
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