Node University - Node Patterns

Node University - Node Patterns

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Node.js is a performant platform for web apps which is built on JavaScript – the most popular programming language in the world. If you one day aspire to become a Node.js architect (or maybe you’re already one and want to extend your knowledge and capabilities), this course is made for you. In it, we will talk through the main Node patterns.

The course starts with the basics like what is event loop and callback (setTimeout(), setImmediate(), and process.nextTick()). Then we'll discuss the observer pattern with EventEmitter, the Middleware pattern, and the Module patterns. Next, you will learn how to hack object prototype and global refs. We will also discuss factory pattern and pseudo-classical inheritance. And lastly, we'll tackle Async patterns: Async, NeoAsync, async await, generators, and Promises.

When you emerge on the other side, you will feel incredibly confident and capable about Node patterns. Ready to take your programming to the next level? Students who take this course are the most well equipped to handle Node. If you’re keen to learn, sign up now.
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