NodeJS - The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp 2020

Udemy NodeJS - The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp 2020

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Build Real World Web Apps Using Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and more...

What you'll learn
  • Learn to create NodeJS applications
  • Integrate Node ExpressJS apps with PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Learn ORM and SQL to perform CRUD operations
  • Implement server side pages using Mustache template engine
  • Develop JSON Web API and consume it in a JavaScript application
  • Build 3 real world projects from start to finish

  • Mac
  • Understanding of JavaScript language is recommended
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required

I have been training developers in one form or the other since 2005. At present I am the lead instructor at DigitalCrafts bootcamp where I teach full stack web development. This course is a result of 1000s of hours of training over the course of several years in which I trained more than 100 developers. Now those developers are working for companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Chase etc.

  • Basic understanding of how the web works is recommended but not a must-have
  • Understanding of JavaScript programming language is recommended
  • No NodeJS knowledge is required
According to the latest StackOverFlow survey NodeJS is the most popular framework in software development. NodeJS is in high demand and JavaScript developers who have NodeJS in their tool-belt earns high salary. This course is designed to teach you all the important parts of the NodeJS framework by building real world, data driven applications. After completing this course you will be ready to build full stack web applications using NodeJS and JavaScript.
Here is the outline of this course:

  • Understanding NodeJS and Node Package Manager
  • Installing and Running ExpressJS
  • Understanding Routing
  • Passing QueryString, Parameters and JSON
  • Posting Data in Express
  • Understanding Server Side Pages
  • Building Template Server Side Pages Using Mustache
  • Creating Reusable Components Using Express Partials
  • Consuming Static Resources
  • Developing Express Router
  • Understanding and Implementing Middleware
  • Integrating Session for ExpressJS Apps
  • Debugging Node
  • Setting Up PostgreSQL Database
  • Learning Basic SQL Commands
  • Performing CRUD Operations Using pg-promise for PostgreSQL database
  • Encrypting and Persisting Secure Data Using brcrypt
  • Toggling Menu Options based on the User Login Status
  • Deployment to Heroku
  • Understanding Object Relational Mapping
  • Installing and Configuring Sequelize
  • Performing CRUD Operations Using Sequelize
  • Implementing One to Many Relationships in Sequelize
  • Hosting PostgreSQL Database on ElephantSQL
  • Understanding Document Databases
  • Implementing JSON Web API Using ExpressJS
  • Installing and Running MongoDB Database Server
  • Performing CRUD Operations Using MongoDB

As a lead instructor at one of the top bootcamps I know that the best way to learn a new technology is utilizing your skills in a real world project. For this reason this course targets multiple projects to enhance your learning experience.

News App
In this app you will learn how to use create server side pages using Mustache template engine. You will build a login and registration screen and eve customize the user’s page based on their credentials. This app integrates with PostgreSQL database using pg-promise library. Finally, you will learn how to deploy your app to Heroku server.

Sell Your Stuff
In this app you will learn how to create an ExpressJS website which allows the user’s to list their products for sale. You will learn how to integrate Sequelize ORM with your Node application. The project also covers how to upload images from your machine to your own server. Just like the previous app you will also implementing login and registration of the user.

Grocery App
In this app you will learn how to create both the client and the server. The client will be implemented using the vanilla HTML and JavaScript and the server will be implementing using ExpressJS and MongoDB (Document Database). You will learn how to persist documents as well as nested documents in the MongoDB database.

Is this course for you?
If you have no NodeJS experience then you are going to enjoy this course. NodeJS is a very high in demand framework and after going through this course you can use your new skills to become a full stack web developer.
If you have novice NodeJS experience then about accessing PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases with pg-promise, Sequelize and mongoose.

  • No knowledge of NodeJS is required
  • Understanding of HTML and CSS is required
  • Existing knowledge of JavaScript is recommended
Who this course is for:
  • JavaScript developers interested in learning about NodeJS
  • Developers interested in server side frameworks
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