Oracle 12c Data Guard Administration

Udemy Oracle 12c Data Guard Administration

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Learn to protect your database against planned & unplanned downtimes

What you'll learn
  • Create physical standby database
  • Configure redo transport
  • Convert physical standby into snapshot standby
  • Convert physical standby into active data guard
  • Convert physical standby into logical standby
  • Perform switchover and failover
  • Setup data guard broker

  • Must know Oracle database administration

Oracle Data Guard is a technology which helps you protect against planned and unplanned downtime. Master Oracle 12c Data Guard video course teaches you how to implement Oracle Data Guard in real time environment. The course briefly discuss about the need of Oracle Data Guard, Oracle High Availability and how to setup Oracle Data Guard. The course also explores Data Guard architecture, function, different types and more.
Enroll into the course and start learning how to use Oracle Data Guard to achieve highly available Oracle Database!
After the completion of the Course, you should be able to:
  • Know the data guard components and different types of standby databases
  • Production server changes for Data Guard
  • Parameter changes for production and standby server
  • Clone production and create physical standby
  • Master how to verify your Data Guard setup
  • Convert Physical Standby into Active Data Guard
  • Managing the Data Guard Configuration

Course Requirements
Basic knowledge of Database AdministrationWindows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 16 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD StorageVirtualization software VirtualBox – Create two machines
Who this course is for:
  • Oracle DBA who wants to setup high availability
  • Database architects who wants to test application development on a snapshot standby
  • Anyone who would like to learn Oracle Data Guard Technology
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