PatataSchool-A Complete Guide to 3D Modelling in Blender

PatataSchool-A Complete Guide to 3D Modelling in Blender

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A Complete Guide to 3D Modelling in Blender​

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Tutorial Duration: 285 minutes | This is the perfect 3D modelling course for beginners and those more familiar with Blender alike. You'll learn how to model this entire scene, including your own Smokey the Bear kawaii character, using different tools and techniques. We'll then cover adding colour, texture and lighting, and we'll guide you through the final render in Blender's own Cycles render engine.


Welcome to 3D modelling in Blender​

We'll start with an introduction to Blender, walking through the workspace and familiarising you with the basics, then explore several different modelling techniques to make all of the objects and character in this scene. With this you'll have the knowledge to create infinite more 3D models. Finally you'll learn how to add lighting, colour and texture to your scene and render it using Cycles render engine.

You'll be provided with the Blender file to refer back to if ever you get stuck and sketch references for all the objects created in this project.


Introduction to Blender​

The Blender Workspace

Modelling the objects​

Modelling the objects: Shovel
Shovel Quiz
Modelling the objects: Chair
Chair Quiz
Modelling the objects: Saw
Modelling the objects: Postbox
Modelling the objects: Horns
Modelling the objects: Log Shelf

Creating Smokey & his house​

Smokey the Bear: Boots
Boots Quiz
Smokey the Bear: Head
Smokey the Bear: Legs
Smokey the Bear: Arms
Smokey the Bear: House Part 1
Smokey the Bear: House Part 2

Final Render​

Final Render
Render Quiz

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