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Performance Testing Using Gatling

Udemy Performance Testing Using Gatling

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Session Management in Gatling, POST request methods, Jenkins Integration, Distributed testing, Performance Framework

What you'll learn
  • Gatling integration with Jenkins
  • Develop performance framework for Gatling
  • Detailed section on session management for handling dynamic response and related methods
  • Gatling support for web socket and SSE protocol
  • Building Injection profile for open and closed systems
  • scala basics for Gatling
  • Hands on activity on usage of different methods for POST , feeders, check etc..

  • Students should be knowing basic concepts of Gatling or they can attend our beginner level course.

Welcome to Performance Testing Using Gatling!
In this course, we will first lay the foundation by going through Scala concepts so that you understand Gatling's scripts better.
Then we will dig deep into the concepts of Gatling like session management, feeders, checks, response handling, advanced level injection profiles, and more.
We will then move onto Gatling's support for protocols like SSE & WebSocket.
Gatling is getting popular as it fits well with continuous integration platforms. We do not want you to miss out on that, and hence a complete section is dedicated to the integration of Gatling with Jenkins.
While you may think you are done with the advanced concepts, we believe that your journey has just begun. While we would have already given lots of hands-on activities, we present you with the development of a complete performance framework for Gatling.
Looking forward to having you on board with us.

Bushra & Anuradha
Who this course is for:
  • Performance testers, developers, whoever wants to learn and implement performance testing
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