Portable speaker design : Make you own Bluetooth speaker

Udemy Portable speaker design : Make you own Bluetooth speaker

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Learn how to build your own portable boombox. Make a DIY battery powered speaker tailored to your requirements.

What you'll learn
  • Learn to design small sealed, bass reflex and passive radiator enclosures
  • How to properly make a battery pack
  • Choose the amplifier and the speakers for your particular application
  • What to look for when choosing and implementing the Bluetooth module
  • Make and awesome portable speaker to match your own preferences

  • The course demands little or no prior knowledge for the full range speaker designs. My previous courses will help.
  • My previous courses are needed (and measurement equipment) if you want to make 2-way designs with your own custom crossover.
  • My previous courses are needed (and measurement equipment) if you want to make a multi-way design using a DSP and need to make acoustical measurements for that.

Design and build you own portable speaker
In this course you will learn all there is to know to design a portable speaker which will suit your needs. Not only you will have the satisfaction to build your own speaker, but will also have the opportunity to design every aspect of the speaker to your liking. Maybe you want a large battery pack, so the speaker will last a long time without charging. Maybe you don't particularly care about portability and want to use large speakers for high volume listening. It's all up to you on how you design it.
Course contents
This course will take every part of the portable speaker and teach you everything there is to know about them. Only after that you can make your own decisions on what you want to use for your next project. Here are some lessons which you should expect :
  • Battery pack : The battery pack can be built in many ways, depending on your available equipment. Also, it needs to be in accordance with your other components. There are many little secrets to help you in making a good and safe battery pack.
  • Amplifier : There are many mini amplifiers to choose from. The course will help decide which one you need according to the speaker that you choose. The amplifier choice will mainly dictate what type of battery pack that you need.
  • Speakers : The speakers are heart of your project. They will pretty much say how large your enclosure will be, what amp you need and all the other implications. We will talk about what parameters we need to look for and which enclosure will best match these speakers.
  • Bluetooth module and accessories : Besides the main components, you would be surprised how many other little components there are in portable speaker : buttons, connectors, voltage step-down circuits, isolators etc. These all need to be picked carefully and in accordance to your other components
  • The enclosure : Finally the box itself. While the box itself will be a compromise, as we need to make it as small as possible, we will talk about which design we should choose and how to get the most out of the available space.
Will there any box design examples?
You bet! We will have 4 box design and build example. From small to large. So you will have a step by step process of designing a portable speaker. How I chose the components, how the circuit diagram for all of the components looks like. What problems I encountered and how you should avoid them, or how to fix them if you run into them. Not only do I show you how to design them, but I will also show you how I built them and walk you along the way of the construction process. Furthermore, there will be examples of each enclosure type which are most popular for Bluetooth speakers : sealed, bass reflex and passive radiator.

Who this course is for:
  • DIY enthusiasts who want to make a portable speaker.
  • People who enjoy Bluetooth speakers but want to make one to their specific needs.
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