PowerQuery M code language Part2

Udemy PowerQuery M code language Part2

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What you'll learn

  • You will learn about existing functions in powerquery - Real Project discussed.
  • How to create own functions and why we want them in M code world- Basics to Advance using real time based problems.
  • IF statements in detail from basic to advance. Like With single criteria to multiple criteria
  • How to tackle Errors in powerquery using try and catch method
  • Several projects which need great conceptual and analytical skills on the use of Table and List functions. Full on Fun.

  • You should be well aware of M code because this course is not for beginners.
  • You may like to see part1 . This is a part2 in continuation to part1.

  • This course is in continuation to M code part 1 which was prepared by me before. Course will not benefit if you do not know M code before.
  • We are talking about inbuilt M functions which are very important in data development like related to dates, lists.
  • We are learning about user defined functions (UDFs). Why and how we can create our own M functions and achieve amazing results in seconds without doing too much work.
  • Discussion on IF functions is discussed in detail .
  • How we can handle the errors using try and catch.
  • Interesting projects are also shared for real experience.
Who this course is for:
  • M code programmers who want to know more in -depth about M code functions and Data management.
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