Qlik Sense Master Class - Self Service Analytics

Udemy Qlik Sense Master Class - Self Service Analytics

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Qlik Sense for the user , keep it simple and present your data with ease and elegance.

What you'll learn
  • Importing data and visualise instant data insight
  • Creating cool data visualisations
  • Conditional testing logic
  • Data story creation
  • User Experience enhancements

  • QlikSense runs on MS Windows hence if a student wishes to code along with the course then a Win PC is required.
  • No previous experience required
  • Keen to learn new skills for work or prospective work

Don't want to use Excel to present dashboards to your team ? No problem, use Qlik Sense instead !
From my experience many users just get hung up trying to tease Excel into creating data visualisations from the underlying spreadsheet data.
This becomes a real issue when more than one workbook contains the required data for presentation, it quickly becomes a nightmare!
What's the alternative ? Qlik Sense of course !
Qlik Sense is easy & intuitive to work with, simple drag and drop wizards.
This course is presented from a user perspective making it very easy to present insight to an audience with confidence.
You will get to ...
  • Import data for instant insight
  • Creating data visualisations and dashboards
  • Conditional testing logic
  • A Project assignment for you to test yourself with
  • Data story creation
  • User Experience enhancements
  • Real world data for download
At the end of the course you'll wonder why you ever struggled with Excel to build your data visualisations.
Unleash your creative urges with Qlik Sense and impress your audience(s)
Looking forward to seeing you in the course.
Data Analyst and Visualisation Engineer

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone new to QlikSense
  • Users looking to build their own data visualisations without the complexities of writing code
  • Organisations that have installed QlikSense and want to easily train and empower their users in Data Analytics
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