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Ray Wenderlich - Siterip Collection 2021

Ray Wenderlich - Siterip Collection 2021

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Size :- 170GB;
Author : Ray Wenderlich and others
Duration : 292 hours
Type of distributed material : Video tutorial
Language : English

Description : Video tutorials from the site www.raywenderlich.com.
Acquire new knowledge and improve your programming skills. Learn Android & Kotlin, Swift & iOS development with a huge catalog of video courses and screencasts.
Create your own applications, assignments and projects in each course will help you with this.

Sample files : present
Video format : MP4
Video : AVC, 1280x720-1920x1080, 30-60fps, 105-5063kbps
Audio : AAC, 137-256kbps, Stereo, 48kHz

Android & Kotlin Courses & Screencast
Android AnimationsAndroid Background Processing Android Networking: Fundamentals Android Studio Tips and Tricks Animation with MotionLayout Beginning Android Debugging Beginning Android Layouts Beginning RecyclerView Beginning RxKotlin Beginning ViewPagers Bottom Navigation CameraX: Getting Started Dependency Injection with Hilt: Fundamentals Dependency Injection with Koin Image Handling with Picasso Introduction to Google's Material Design Jetpack Compose Primer Jetpack Security Kotlin Coroutines: Fundamentals Kotlin Coroutines: In Depth Kotlin Flow: Getting Started Kotlin Whiteboard Kotlin-Native and Multiplatform MVI on Android MVP on Android MVVM on Android Programming in Kotlin Programming in Kotlin: Functions & Custom Types Programming in Kotlin: Fundamentals Publish to the Google Play Store Saving Data on Android Server-Side Kotlin with Ktor Supporting Dark Theme Testing With MockK Your First Kotlin Android App Your Second Kotlin Android App

Android Architecture Components - LiveData Android Architecture Components - Paging Library Android Architecture Components - ViewModel Android KTX Anko Commons ARCore Sceneform SDK - Getting Started Dagger - Network Injection Dependency Injection with Koin Firebase for Android - Authentication Firebase for Android - Realtime Database Flutter Navigation Getting started with dagger Getting Started with Flutter in Android Studio Getting started with fuel Getting Started with TensorFlow on Android Jetpack - Navigation Controller Jetpack WorkManager - Getting Started Jetpack WorkManager - Observe and Constrain Kotlin Android Extensions Kotlin sealed classes MotionLayout Multiplatform Settings RxBindings Text Recognition with ML Kit

iOS & Swift - Courses & Screencasts

3D Graphics with Metal Advanced Swift - Error Handling Advanced Swift - Generics and Protocols Advanced Swift - Memory Management Advanced Swift - Protocol Oriented Programming Advanced Swift - Sequences, Collections and Algorithms Advanced Swift - Types and Operations Advanced Swift - Unsafe Memory Access Advanced Swift - Values and References Advanced watchOS Alamofire Beginning App Asset Design Beginning ARKit Beginning Audio with AVFoundation Beginning CloudKit Beginning Collection Views Beginning Core Data Beginning Core Graphics Beginning Firebase Beginning iOS Animations Beginning iOS Debugging Beginning Native tvOS Apps Beginning Realm on iOS Beginning RxSwift Beginning SpriteKit Beginning Video with AVFoundation Beginning watchOS CALayers Continuous Integration Core Image: From CIImage to Metal and Beyond Create a Drawing App With PencilKit Create a Splash Screen with SwiftUI Custom Collection View Layout Custom Controls in iOS Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift Demystifying Views in iOS Drawing in iOS Drawing in iOS with SwiftUI Exploring UIKit Internals with Hopper Disassembler Fastlane for iOS Fundamental iOS Design Patterns Gesture Recognizers in iOS How To Make a Game Like Flappy Bird In-App Purchases Intermediate Core Data Intermediate Core Graphics Intermediate iOS Animations Intermediate iOS Debugging Intermediate Realm on iOS Intermediate Swift 3 Introducing iOS 9 Search APIs iOS App Extensions iOS Concurrency with GCD and Operations iOS Design Patterns iOS Photos Framework iOS Views and Animations - Learning by Stealing iPadOS Multitasking Layout in iOS Machine Learning in iOS MapKit and Core Location Mastering Auto Layout MetricKit Monetizing Your App with iAd Networking with URLSession Practical Instruments Programming in Swift: Functions and Types Programming in Swift: Fundamentals Publishing to the App Store Push Notifications Reproducing Popular iOS Controls Reusable iOS Frameworks RWDevCon 2018 Vault Saving Data in iOS Scroll View School Self-Sizing Table View Cells Server Side Swift with Kitura Server Side Swift with Perfect Server Side Swift with Vapor Sign In With Apple SOLID in Real-World iOS Apps Split View Controllers SwiftUI Table Views TestFlight Beta Testing Testing in iOS What's Updated in SwiftUI and Combine Xcode Tips and Tricks Your First iOS and SwiftUI App Your Second iOS and SwiftUI AppScreencast:-Accessing Data using OAuth Accessing Data using Webhooks Advanced Custom Presentations Alamofire - Routing Requests Alamofire - Uploading Files Alternate App Icons - Error Handling Alternate App Icons - Getting Started App Search - CoreSpotlight Indexing App Search - CoreSpotlightAttributes App Search - NSUserActivity App Thinning Background Modes - Audio Background Modes - Background Fetch Background Modes - Finite Tasks Background Modes - Location Updates Basic Password Autofill Beginning Custom Presentations Catalyst - Conditional Compilation Catalyst - Getting Started Charles proxy getting started Charles Proxy Troubleshooting Your App Charts - Format & Style Charts - Plotting Data Combine - Intro to Combine Combine - Operators and Pipelines Combine - Publishers Combine - Subscribers Contacts - Displaying Contacts Contacts - Saving Contacts Contacts - Searching Contacts Coordinator Design Pattern - Dealing with Transitions Coordinator Design Pattern - Memory Management Coordinator Design Pattern - Overview Coordinator Design Pattern - Simplifying View Controllers Coordinators Creating a CocoaPod Creating a Framework Custom Segues - Basics Custom Segues - Custom Transitions Custom Segues - Dealing With Size Classes Dark Mode - Deep Dive Dark Mode - The Basics Deploy to Vapor Cloud 2 Document Based Apps - Creating and Editing Documents Document Based Apps - Defining Custom File Extensions Document Based Apps - Opening Files from Other Apps Dynamic Type Dynamic Type - Managing Layout Dynamic Type - Scaling Sizes Dynamic Type with Custom Fonts Elegant transitions with hero Getting Started with PromiseKit Git - Dependency Management Using Submodules Git - Third Party Dependencies with Submodules HealthKit Quick Start IGListKit - Getting Started IGListKit - Multiple Sections and Updates Internationalization Introduction to ARKit - Adding 3D Models Introduction to ARKit - Error Management Introduction to ARKit - Getting Started Introduction to ARKit - Measuring Distances Introduction to ReplayKit iOS 10 - Audio File Speech Transcription iOS 10 - Capturing Live Photos iOS 10 - Capturing Photo Thumbnails iOS 10 - Collaborative Messaging in iOS 10 iOS 10 - Collection View Data Prefetching iOS 10 - Creating a SiriKit Extension iOS 10 - Creating a SiriKit UI Extension iOS 10 - Creating an Xcode 8 Extension iOS 10 - Custom Notification UI with Content Extensions iOS 10 - Custom Units iOS 10 - Dynamic Sticker Packs in iMessage Apps iOS 10 - Dynamic Xcode 8 Extensions iOS 10 - Editing Live Photos iOS 10 - Foundation in Swift 3 iOS 10 - GCD & Core Graphics in Swift 3 iOS 10 - Handling Interactions with SiriKit iOS 10 - iMessage Sticker Packs iOS 10 - Interactive Custom Notifications iOS 10 - Introducing DateInterval iOS 10 - Introducing UIPreviewInteraction iOS 10 - Live Speech Recognition iOS 10 - Manipulating Push Notifications with Service Extensions iOS 10 - Measurement Formatter iOS 10 - Measurements & Units iOS 10 - Memory Graph Debugger iOS 10 - Property Animators Pause, Scrub & Reverse iOS 10 - Property Animators Timing Functions iOS 10 - Property Animators Working Together iOS 10 - Providing Haptic Feedback iOS 10 - Sending Custom Messages in iMessage iOS 10 - SiriKit Resolution & Confirmation iOS 10 - Swift 3 API Design Guidelines iOS 10 - Swift 3 in 3 Minutes iOS 10 - Taking Photos iOS 10 - The UserNotifications Framework iOS 10 - Thread Sanitizer iOS 10 - User Notification Management iOS 10 - Visual View Debugging iOS 11 - Drag and Drop with Multiple Data Representations and Custom Views iOS 11 - Drag and Drop with Table and Collection Views iOS 11 - NLP with Core ML iOS 11 - NLP with NSLinguisticTagger iOS Snapshot Test Case Testing the UI Localization Moving From Cocoapods to Swift Package Manager Parsing JSON Using Gloss Parsing JSON Using Swift Password Autofill by Domain Password Autofill in iOS 12 - Strong Passwords and Passcode Autofill PDFKit - Annotations PDFKit - Saving PDFs PDFKit Displaying PDFs Presentation Controllers PromiseKit - Background Promises Provisioning with fastlane Reachability in iOS Scripting in Swift - Managing Dependencies Scripting in Swift - Writing a Script Shared Web Credentials Sharing and Editing Swift Packages With Swift Package Manager SKStoreReviewController Submitting Your App with Fastlane Swift Code Katas - Game of Life Swift Code Katas - Introduction Swift Package Manager - Creating a Swift Package Swift Playground Books - Always-On Live Views Swift Playground Books - Challenges and Assessments Swift Playground Books - Getting Started Swift UI - Building Custom Views Swift UI - Declarative UI Swift UI - Previewing Your UI in Xcode Swift UI - Working With State Swift UI - Working With UIKit Taking Screenshots with Fastlane Testing Using a BDD Framework TextKit - Dynamic Type TextKit - Styles UIKit Dynamics - Basics UIKit Dynamics - Compound Behaviors UIKit Dynamics - Replacing Animations UIVisualEffectView - Accessibility UIVisualEffectView - Blurring UIVisualEffectView - Vibrancy Using Protocol Buffers in Swift What's New in Foundation - Custom JSON Decoding What's New in Foundation - Key Value Observing (KVO) What's New in Foundation - Parsing JSON in Swift 4 What's New in Swift 4 - Dictionary Enhancements What's New in Swift 4 - Miscellaneous Changes What's New in Swift 4 - Objective-C Inference What's New in Swift 4 - Strings and Ranges What's New in Swift 4.2 - Dynamic Member Lookup What's new in Swift 4.2 - Miscellaneous Changes What's new in Swift 4.2 - New Sequence Methods What's new in Swift 4.2 - Random API What's New in Swift 5 - ABI Stability What's New in Swift 5 - Strings What's New in Swift 5 - Syntactical Sugar What's New in Swift 5 - Types What's New In Swift 5.1 - Miscellaneous Changes What's New In Swift 5.1 - Opaque Return Types What's New in UIKit - Accessibility Improvements What's New in UIKit - Tableview Improvements What's New in Xcode 11 - Testing What's New in Xcode 11 - Workflow What's New in Xcode 9 - Debugging Improvements What's New in Xcode 9 - Source Code Improvements What's New in Xcode 9 - Source Control Improvements WWDC 2020 Screencasts


Beginning 3D Modeling with Blender Beginning C # Beginning Flutter Debugging Beginning Git Beginning Programming with C # Beginning Unity VR C # Collections, Lambdas, and LINQ Command Line Basics Flutter hero animations Flutter ListView Flutter UI Widgets Intermediate Programming with C # Manage State with Provider Mastering Git Mobile UX Design Tips & Tricks Programming in Dart - Fundamentals Unity 2D Basics Unity 3D Unity Basics VS Code Tips & Tricks

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very good content thanks for helping a avid learner like me who cant spend money on premium content like this
I really want to thank you guys a lot. Please I just downloaded the android courses and I discover that most of the source codes are not opening. I tried all solutions online but to no avail. Please if you can help us upload the source code for the Android courses on a different drive and share the link. I'll appreciate it a lot. Please help a brother
contact @Brainsugar
Thanks a lot, but can you please make the courses zipped separately so that those who downloaded the original be able to download recent updates only instead of downloading the whole thing again?
Update please, Mega content got drm'ed
hello the link was changes with our drive link
Awesome Content, Just one question how often does this content gets updated.
dont know if we recieve updates infuture i will update
Please upload some of the latest Android/Kotlin tutorial videos, such as:
Bubble Notifications in Android
Android In App Review
and more...
Thank you very much professor <3
Thanks. This is amazing! But would hope to see books collection too, esp the newly released Flutter Apprentice (release in 2 June 2021)
Please upload books collection
Link now working @professor 😢