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React for Busy Developers | Learn by Doing | eCommerce

Udemy React for Busy Developers | Learn by Doing | eCommerce

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Learn React js by creating eCommerce app | React Router | Real project on React

What you'll learn
  • Confidently speak about most of the essential concepts of React
  • Create professional web app using React
  • Learn React by doing a eCommerce app
  • JSX
  • Props and State
  • HTTP Rest API calls using Fetch API
  • ES6 Classes
  • Unidirectional Data flow in React
  • Forms Development in React
  • React Lifecycle
  • CRUD Operations in React with HTTP Rest API calls
  • React Routing with Navbar and Sidebar along with Route Parameters
  • Login and Logout
  • Component Communication in React

  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap

Let's begin React with a decent eCommerce project.
You will learn React by doing - practically in this project.
By end of this course, you can develop your own eCommerce app that includes a Registration, Login, Products grid, Customers grid. You will develop Shopping Cart and Payment page on your own - based on the guidance provided.

This course is beginner to intermediate level course, where the developer understands React from scratch (basics) to a meaningful app - by practice.
But you will not miss theoretical details. All essential articles that you need to read are available at end of each section.
You create forms, routing and navigation, component hierarchy, communication from parent-to-child components and vice versa etc., and many more in this course.
You will connect to DB server using JSON-server package (third party npm package) that demonstrates how to make HTTP requests to REST-API servers.
In case if you are a UI developer, sticking to JSON-server is recommended.

Please note that, this course sticks to React only - doesn't cover any concepts of server side programming.

This is NOT a comprehensive course of React. I'm planning another Udemy course that covers all advanced concepts of React such as Hooks, Redux etc.

  • By the end of this course, you will create all of the source code for a decent eCommerce real-time project, with all features like page navigation with routing, CRUD operations with JSON-server, Forms and validations, component communication.
  • You will type in every line of code with me in the videos ... all from scratch.
  • I explain every line of react code that we create. So this isn't a copy/paste exercise, you will have a full understanding of the code.
  • I am a RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTOR .... post your questions and I will RESPOND in 24 hours, ASAP.
  • All source code is available for download.
  • English captions are available.
No Risk – Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, there is no risk. You can preview first few lectures of the course for free. Once you buy this course, for some reason if you are not happy with the course, Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
So you have nothing to lose, sign up for this course and learn how to build React Projects from scratch!

Key Points about this Course:

  • AJAX (REST-API calls) videos will be shown with JSON-server; no sever side code is shown.
  • All the concepts explained practically.
  • We use Bootstrap from the beginning of the course.
  • Essential articles are included for conceptual understanding of React.
  • We use Windows O/S, Visual Studio Code, React.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who wants to learn React practically by really creating a sample eCommerce app from scratch
  • Learn react by actually creating a sample eCommerce app. Useful for busy developers who wants to learn real code of React by practically doing it
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