Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest (Django app)

Udemy Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest (Django app)

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Learn Pytest by building a full Django application with a Continuous Integration system, software testing best practices

What you'll learn
  • Learn the ins and outs of Pytest
  • Build a real world Django web server
  • Build a continuous integration system
  • Testing Best Practices
  • Build high-performing, reliable automated test suites

  • Basic knowledge of python

This is a MUST course for anyone who cares about testing.

I teach the ins and outs of pytest while building a real world django application (including a continuous integration system in bitbucket).
In this course we will build a very simple django server , I will teach just enough django so that we will be able to build the application, and then focus on testing it.

This is not an entry-level course, basic knowledge of python is needed
You will learn:
Pytest features (in depth)
  • Fixtures
  • Markers
  • Parametrize
  • Skip, xfail
  • Pytest.ini
  • Pytest-django
  • Pytest-cov
  • pytest-xdist
  • unittest library, mocks
Django (just enough to build a web server)
  • Rest API
  • Models, Migrations
  • Views
  • Serializers
  • SQLite3 DB
  • Email backends
Continuous Integration (in depth)
  • Bitbucket pipelines
  • Bitbucket environment variables
  • Parallel steps
  • Docker
Testing (In depth)
  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • Performance tests
Python best practice
  • Virtual environments: pipenv
  • Pipfile
  • Type hinting
  • Black formatter
Who this course is for:
  • Developers who are interested in writing quality tests for their applications
  • Python Developers curious about Pytest
  • Anyone who wants to build or improve an automated testing framework
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