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Real World Tableau for Busy Professionals

Udemy Real World Tableau for Busy Professionals

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Learn practical Tableau skills for the real world getting you to quickly being able to create useful data visuals.

What you'll learn
  • How to build Tableau dashboard to support practical business needs
  • Line charts with dual axis enhancements
  • Calculated Fields and shortcuts to create them faster
  • Customized tree maps and know the pros and cons of different chart types
  • Combining views to create new visual options
  • How to incorporate custom images to create lively and appeal visuals
  • Set up user friendly filtering
  • Create a dashboard for practical business needs such as layouts for printing and being powerpoint ready
  • Explain what each Tableau product does

  • PC or MAC computer

Are you are a busy professional and want to add Tableau to your skillset? Learn how to create valuable insights and business-centric visuals in a short and practical course that will get you up and running quickly. In this course, we will review what Tableau is and isn't, how it fits into your current processes, and lastly create a real-world dashboard that covers base skills so you can start creating your own dashboard and visualizations.
Who this course is for:
  • Professionals looking to add Tableau to their skill set
  • Students who want to get started in Tableau
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