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How to acquire and manage successful Corporate Client Relationships in Corporate Banking

What you'll learn
  • Know how to acquire and sustain profitable Client Relationships, and how to offer the right products with correct pricing
  • Learn how credit transactions get approved by addressing all relevant risks and properly defending the proposed structure
  • Understand why knowing the Client's business ('Know Your Client' process) is so crucial to assess risks and prevent losses
  • Know what are the Compliance aspects around Client Relationships and the potential damage of not complying or monitor them
  • Identify when a Credit Agreement is sufficiently solid and strong and how to negotiate it with the Client
  • Know how to prepare for Client meetings, and lead negotiations on pricing, credit structures and conflict situations
  • Basic knowledge of a company's Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit&Loss, Cash Flow) and Financial Analysis
  • Fair knowledge of banking in general, and banking products including loan products
  • Basic understanding of why companies need banks and vice versa
This course will bring you to the world of large Corporates and the Corporate Bankers/Relationship Managers that deal with them. Relationship Managers are in the driving seat of Corporate Client Relationships: they set the pace of what happens between the Corporate Client and the Bank, and Banks depend on their capabilities, strategy and performance to achieve results. This course gives you an extensive overview of what is the day to day job of a Relationship Manager in Corporate Banking.
Managing Corporate Client Relationships requires specific knowledge, high professional standards, several skills, and involves many responsibilities. The course will describe which they are and what it takes to master them all.
Corporate Client Relationships are often based on large financing deals. Therefore, the course leads you through the process of properly pricing financing offers to the Client, and then through your role in the preparation of credit applications, and how to best prepare to convince approval bodies that the lending relationship you propose is one that the bank should pursue.
The course will teach you about crucial topics in Legal and Compliance that a Relationship Manager must dominate, and about your involvement in negotiating a Credit Agreement - one that the Client accepts but also protects the Bank from all the risks it is exposed to. You will learn about leading client meetings, negotiation skills, and corporate banking products. And why not only acquire but also maintain a Corporate Client Relationship that is sustainable and profitable is key for the bank. You will also learn about the rules for socializing with clients and how important they are. All this will be given to you from the perspective of an insider, as if you would be already in the Clients' Department of the Bank, feeling the emotion and challenge that will face you day by day.
After this course, you will be ready to go out there, experience the job, and with time and dedication become a successful and excellent Corporate Banker.
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Who this course is for:
  • Young graduates interested in taking up a Corporate Banking career that want to know what will be expected of them
  • Bank Employees aspiring to a Relationship Manager position within Corporate Banking (or who desire to understand more about it)
  • Recent hired Employees in the Relationship Management or Corporate Lending Departments with little (or without) previous experience
  • University students looking for a basis for first job interviews for Corporate Banking positions or for preparing dissertation on Corporate Banking topics
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