Responsive Webpage: A Fast Pick-up with HTML-CSS-JavaScript

Udemy Responsive Webpage: A Fast Pick-up with HTML-CSS-JavaScript

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Super fast understanding and building of responsive webpages using direct HTML, CSS and JavaScript

What you'll learn
  • The minimal information to know how to start designing responsive webpage
  • Confidence to start seeking knowledge on your own
  • Understand how most people achieve responsive webpage
  • Know more alternatives to responsive design

  • The prerequisite knowledge you need for this course is beginner's level knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • As minimum requirement, the only software tool that you need to write a responsive webpage code is any text editor. For Windows environment, Notepad++ is recommended.

This course is the way to go if you have no idea about responsive webpage design but have already known the sufficient knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript - and you want to learn responsive design fast. I will show you what responsive webpage design is, and the fundamental concepts underlying the building of such pages.
Of course we shall see how people are doing this in the contemporary mainstream web design, and also the educated suggestions of a better diversion from the mainstream.
Who this course is for:
  • Professionals or students who already knew a bit about HTML, CSS and JavaScript and want to extend skill to building responsive webpage
  • Busy professionals or students who need straightforward and fast teaching material to learn
  • Professionals or students who need cost effective budget to learn mainly responsive design
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