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All-in-one course with IQ Bot (AI + ML), Bot Insight (Analytics), and mock questions to crack the RPA job interviews

What you'll learn
  • RPA overview
  • Setting-up & using Enterprise A2019 on Windows
  • Design & develope bots using Actions in A2019
  • Learn how to use the AI powered Actions like AWS & Microsoft NLP, and IBM Watson
  • Learn how to use the IQBot (Cognitive Automation)
  • Master A2019 and learn about RPA best practices
  • Work on real-world scenarios and make bots

  • A modern Windows computer with Internet connection
  • Familiarity with general business use applications like MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, IE/Chrome browser
  • Basic awareness of general day-to-day business activities like data entry, sending/receiving e-mail, form filling etc.

Welcome to this course!
If you have not learned RPA yet, you should do it right away!
To understand why, you should understand that most businesses are adopting it in order to digitally transform themselves making RPA the HOT SKILL these days. RPA is a relatively new technology which has revolutionized the business world and many manual business processes are getting automated using RPA tools.
Using RPA tools you make software robots/bots to automate business processes. There are plenty of RPA jobs on offer in the market with high salaries, you should search google to find more about it.
In this course I will help you learn & master the best RPA tool namely "Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019", using which you will be able to make your software robots/bots confidently and become an eligible RPA developer.
A2019 is the industry's top voted RPA tool, it is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and cognitive automation technologies. It is the first and only Cloud Native RPA tool and is also the simplest, easiest to learn and implement on demand. I will help you master A2019 fully.
If you already know BluePrism, Uipath or any other tool than this may be your chance now to get certified in AA. This is a 5 star course meant for you to master Automation Anywhere A2019 (latest version).
The best part about this course is that you will be getting hands-on-experience of making several bots during this course.
My course videos are straight to the point and full of demos that will help you learn the tool faster & easier.
Your advantage in doing this course is that I'm an "Automation Anywhere Certified Trainer“ and have worked with one of their official training partners. In this All-in-one comprehensive course I'll provide you with technical skills and demos that will enable you to create RPA bots confidently. I will explain usage of most of the functions including IQBot (which is a cognitive automation tool incorporating AI & ML technologies). In my job I provided this same course content for $1000 per person, here on Udemy you are getting it for the price of a lunch. This makes all the difference for you!
As a bonus, I've also added a list of expected Interview Questions for RPA Jobs.
My goal is to help you learn the latest, easiest and the best RPA tool in the market with its full AI capabilities that will enable you to make bots, and automate tasks at your company, eventually advancing your career.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn RPA to secure their career in the transforming business environment
  • Anyone who wants to improve their chances of getting an RPA job
  • Business users who want to learn and automate their business processes
  • Anyone who wants to get certified by giving an online exam on Automation Anywhere website
  • Students who want to add another tool to their technology basket
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