SAAS Adventure - Learn to Create your own SAAS

SAAS Adventure - Learn to Create your own SAAS

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Learn to create your own SAAS! In this 21-day program, you will learn how to create your own SAAS app!

SAAS Adventure is a 21-day course in which we create real software as a service. You will be in the driver's seat when we pass:

  • Brainstorming, logo design, leadership
  • Authentication, billing, user plans, user settings
  • Dashboard, Webhooks, Billing, Marketing Tips
21 days x 21 videos

Vanilla JS

No complicated front-end frameworks, in this course we will use robust vanilla javascript


We will be using Laravel to create the server-side functionality of our SAAS application.

Tailwind CSS

We will be using a CSS library called Tailwind to create the user interface for our application.

And more!

Find out how to integrate services like Stripe, Slack, Github and more!
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