Secure Shell Fundamentals - Learn SSH By Configuring It

Udemy Secure Shell Fundamentals - Learn SSH By Configuring It

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Use SSH to securely communicate with your Linux and networking infrastructure.

What you'll learn
  • Why you want to use SSH
  • How to set up a lab environment with VirtualBox
  • How to download and install VirtualBox
  • How to create a Linux Virtual Machine with VirtualBox
  • How to use SSH between Linux systems
  • How to use SSH to manage Linux systems from a Windows system
  • How to configure and test key based authentication
  • How to secure SSH by disabling password authentication
  • How to protect SSH with Fail2ban
  • How to configure your ufw firewall to allow SSH but block other traffic
  • How to disable unneeded services on your Linux server
  • Copy files between Linux systems with SCP
  • Copy files betweeen Linux and Windows with SCP
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  • Access to a computer
  • Administrator or power user privileges on the computer

Configure Secure Shell (SSH).
Learn how to communicate between Linux and your other operating systems (Windows and MAC OSX) using SSH.
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This course covers the following:
  • Create a free lab with VirtualBox to learn within
  • Prepare your server for SSH use
  • Connect with SSH from Linux or MAC OS X
  • Connect from Windows with PuTTY
  • Configure key based authentication for Linux and MAC OS X
  • Configure key based authentication for Windows
  • Manage your SSH configuration through /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  • Stop bad guys with Fail2ban
  • Enable your firewall (ufw)
  • Disable unneeded services
  • Manage sudo permissions
  • Copy files between Linux systems with SCP
  • Copy files from Windows to Linux with SCP
If you would like a general Linux course instead of a course focused solely on SSH, please consider my Ubuntu Linux Fundamentals Udemy course.
Who this course is for:
  • Linux beginners
  • System Administration beginners
  • Beginning Network Administrators
  • Anyone who wants to create a secure SSH environment
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