Shopify Expert Bootcamp: Learn how to work for yourself

Udemy Shopify Expert Bootcamp: Learn how to work for yourself

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Learn to build Professional Highly Converting stores for your clients. Shopify Partners, Theme, Liquid, and Design

What you'll learn
  • How to work remotely as a Shopify Freelancer
  • Make an income online by setting up Professional E-Commerce Stores using Shopify for Merchants

  • Access to a computer
  • Basic computer skills

Learn how to start making over $80/hour!

Learn the basics that you need to quickly get started as a Shopify Freelancer and start making money!

We will be going over:
- Setting up your Shopify Partner Account (for easy management of all your clients and to test out stores and products)
- Charging a commission for setting up a store with Shopify
- Overview of the Shopify Store Dashboard (how to assist your clients with any needs or questions they might have)
- Learn to design your store so it is easy to set up
- How to set up a highly converting Shopify Store of your clients (learn the industry secrets of highly converting stores)
- Putting together the store (where to start when given a project)
- Learn the basics of Liquid and how to make changes to the code (even if you have no coding experience)
- How to find clients
- Managing communication with your clients
- Outsourcing and hiring additional help

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to start making money online with Freelancing
  • Designers wanting to provide a full e-commerce solution to their clients
  • Developers looking to learn to how to design and developer Shopify Stores
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