Simple Programmer Bundle (All Courses)

Simple Programmer Bundle (All Courses)

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10 Steps to Learn Anything Quickly

Here’s How To Turn “Information Overwhelm” Into An Efficiency Edge That Can Quickly Boost Your Income, Earn You “MVP” Status With Your Team, And Make You The In-Demand Developer Companies Are Dying To Recruit.
  • How breaking out of the “learning cattle chute” can help you master even the most challenging technologies quickly.
  • The reason why including a mandatory “play time” in your study sessions can rocket you up the learning curve faster than you thought possible—even though you feel like you’re just goofing off.
  • How to harness your natural creativity and curiosity for better, faster learning (with zero frustration and overwhelm).
  • How to chart your own course for learning a new topic. This will free you from the soft tyranny of book authors and trainers who think they know the best way for you to learn.
  • And much more…

How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer

The Top 3% of developers snap up all the best opportunities before you even hear about them which leaves you to slug it out with increasing numbers of recent graduates who happily work for peanuts to get a foot in the door.
Learn how to flip this dynamic around and have opportunities chase YOU. Become a recognized authority in your space.
Instead of chasing “The Prize”, you become the prize.
  • Landing the job you've always wanted.
  • Earning a raise of 20%, 50% or even as much as 300% over the coming months and years.
  • Building a reliable feeder system for 4- and 5-figure freelancing and consulting work.
  • Enjoying more satisfaction in your day to day work.
  • And much more…

Simple Real Estate Investing for Software Developer's

How I Built Enough Wealth and “Passive Income” to Retire at 32—Without Putting My Family at Risk.
When I was 18, I set a goal for myself to “retire” by age 35.
And by my 32nd birthday, I had built enough monthly, residual income that I never had to work again unless I chose too.
In this course, I'll show you the simple, low-risk strategy I used to build a retirement-level income.
WARNING: This is NOT your typical “get rich in real estate” kind of course.
In fact, my approach is pretty much the opposite of “get rich quick.”

Creating a Blog to Boost Your Career

The “Create a Blog to Boost Your Career” Workbook
  • Learn the number one secret to blogging success and how I use it to generate over $10,000 of passive income each month with my blog.
  • Learn why most blogs fail and how you can avoid the most common mistakes that most new bloggers make.
  • Learn how easy it is to get a new blog set up in just 5 minutes.

10 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

Earn $100 with Your Blog in the Next 90 Days – Guaranteed
Raise your hand if you've ever heard another software developer say:
“Having a blog is fine—but you can't make any money doing that…”
Well, in just a minute I'm going to show you how you can earn at least $100 from your blog in the next 90 days, guaranteed 100%.
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