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SQL Server:The complete bootcamp for beginners (6h of class)

Udemy SQL Server:The complete bootcamp for beginners (6h of class)

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Learn how to write the first queries in Transact SQL, with 30 practical exercises in SQL Server 2019!

What you'll learn
  • Set up your environment by installing Management Studio and SQL Server.
  • Creating, deleting and modifying a database
  • Create, delete and modify a table.
  • Learning how to select data with the SELECT,Updating data with the UPDATE,Deleting data with DELETE and INSERT
  • Rename columns with aliases and Select a certain number of lines with the TOP
  • The usefulness of square brackets and comments on SQL
  • The IN, NOT IN, IS and IS NOT operators and Comparison operators = !=
  • Sort the data with the ORDER BY and Aggregate functions: MIN, MAV and AVG
  • Remove duplicates with the DISTINCT and Copying a table via SELECT INTO
  • AND and OR,BETWEEN operators and the HAVING.
  • Let's combine the data with GROUP BY and the PRINT command.
  • Learning the different types of columns (VARCHAR, CHAR, INT,DATETIME,GUID etc...)
  • A long chapter on SQL joins (INNER JOIN, LEFT and RIGHT JOIN, FULL OUTER JOIN,and so on).
  • Adding, deleting, modifying a column on a table
  • Create, modify and delete a view and a stored procedure
  • And more than 50 practical exercises !

  • Have a strong desire to learn and a PC in great shape :)

⚡⚡ If you want to benefit from this course at a price of 10 euros, send me an email to [email protected], I will send you the discount coupon within the day ⚡⚡
Do you know absolutely nothing about SQL Server and want to get started with this technology?
Do you want to learn how to write your very first queries in Transact SQL?
✅ Then this course is for you!
In this course we will cover these different chapters:
  • Install SQL Server and management studio on your workstation.
  • The creation and definition of a database
  • The creation and definition of a table
  • Select, update, delete and insert data (SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE)
  • Discover the column aliases and tackle the specificity and secrets of LIKE.
  • Do you know the usefulness of the TOP ?
  • Learn how to remove duplicates with the DISTINCT and discover the Comparison operators = != and so on
  • Copying a table with the SELECT INTO.
  • Let's talk about the IN, NOT IN, IS and IS NOT operators, and Sort your data with ORDER BY.
  • Discover aggregate functions with MIN MAX and AVG and the two operators AND,OR.
  • Let's discover the specificities of COUNT and SUM and how to SELECT a range of data with the BETWEEN
  • Group several results with the GROUP BY and Let's discover the specificities of HAVING and the PRINT.
  • The creation and definition of a view.
  • The creation and definition of a Stored Procedure.
  • The creation and definition of a trigger.
  • Creating and defining a function.
This course is 3 hours of demo and 30 minutes of theory. Theory is in the classroom, not in this course :)
This course includes more than 30 questions !
Why should I use SQL technology?
✅ SQL is one of the most actively sought-after skills on the job market.
✅ Administering an SQL server and querying in TSQL today is a full-time job.
✅ Furthermore, SQL Server, because of its simplicity, allows you to quickly become competent in very specific subjects.
✅ Once this course is over, believe me that you will be much more comfortable with the SQL language.
✅ I also made sure that the videos don't exceed 10 minutes, so it won't be too soporific :)
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who don't know anything about SQL Server, and who want to get started.
  • Future Database Administrators (DBAs)
  • Developers who want to learn about TSQL
  • BI consultants working on technologies other than SQL Server (Oracle etc...)
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