Step by Step REST API Testing using Postman-Basic 2 Expert⭐⭐

Udemy Step by Step REST API Testing using Postman-Basic 2 Expert⭐⭐

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REST API Testing with Postman (Manual + Automation) DataDriven Testing, Newman & Adv. Reporting, JavaScript, Jenkins -CI

What you'll learn
  • ** Basic to advance knowledge of API testing using Postman ***
  • ** Ready to face automation API testing interviews ***
  • ** Detailed understanding of RestAPI and its testing using Postman ***
  • ** Performance testing of API using Free Tool JMeter ***
  • ** Postman Features and its Real-time implementation **

  • Basic understand of manual testing.
  • Basic understanding of windows operating system

------------ Course Updates -------------------
Nov 2020 :
Added QUIZ
May 2020 : Added JavaScript Videos

  • POSTMAN is one of the most popular tool used by software development & testing teams in many companies. It is a very handy tool used by Developers/Testers when building or Testing RESTful web services
  • In this course, you will learn many functionalities of the POSTMAN tool with practical examples. Below are some of the highlights of this course.
------------- BASICS OF API TESTING AND AUTOMATION -------------------------

  • Learn how to send SOAP & REST Requests using POSTMAN
  • Perform data driven testing
  • Organize requests using Collections
  • Authentication approaches (BASIC,OAUTH)

  • Scripting in POSTMAN using JavaScript
  • Integrate POSTMAN with NEWMAN
  • Advance Reporting
  • Service Mocking
  • Service Monitoring
  • Code Management
  • End to End Student Student Enrollment
  • Request Chaining
  • Final execution with report generation and analysis
  • Run API tests in Jenkins
  • Code Management using GIT

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Who this course is for:
  • Developers, SDET's, Devops, IT Professionals
  • Manual testers looking to automate Restful API
  • Professionals looking to test RestAPI application
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