TalkPython - Rock Solid Python with Python Typing Course

TalkPython - Rock Solid Python with Python Typing Course

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Course Summary​

When Python was originally invented way back in 1989, it was a truly dynamic and typeless programming language. But that all changed in Python 3.5 when type "hints" were added to the language. Over time, amazing frameworks took that idea and ran with it. They build powerful and type safe(er) frameworks. Some of these include Pydantic, FastAPI, Beanie, SQLModel, and many many more. In this course, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of Python typing in the language, explore some popular frameworks using types, and get some excellent advice and guidance for using types in your applications and libraries.

What's this course about and how is it different?​

This course dives deep into Python types. You will see many examples and graphics communicating the motivation for types and where they fit into the Python ecosystem. But you will also get very hands-on and learn all of these ideas with deep yet approachable code demos.

What topics are covered​

In this course, you will:
  • Compare popular static languages with Python (such as Swift, C#, TypeScript, and others)
  • See a exact clone of a dynamic Python codebase along side the typed version
  • Learn how and when to create typed variables
  • Understand Python's strict nullability in its type system
  • Specify constant (unchangeable) variables and values
  • Reduce SQL injection attacks with LiteralString
  • Uses typing with Python functions and methods
  • Use typing with classes and class variables
  • Work with multiple numerical types with Python's numerical type ladder
  • Use Pydantic to model and parse complex data in a type strict manner
  • Create an API with FastAPI that exchanges data with type integrity
  • Query databases with Pydantic using the Beanie ODM
  • Create CLI apps using type information to define the CLI interface
  • Leverage mypy for verifying the integrity of your entire codebase in CI/CD
  • Add runtime type safety to your application
  • Marry duck typing and static typing with Python's new Protocol construct
  • Learn design patterns and guidance for using types in Python code
  • And lots more, see the full course outline.

Who is this course for?​

This course is for anyone who knows basic Python and wants to take full advantage of Python type hints and related frameworks within their code. If you find you're not sure when or how to use Python type hints or feel that you could be leveraging them more, then this course is for you!
We do assume that you know core Python syntax and concepts such as virtual environments and external packages. If you are entirely new to Python, see our Python for Beginners course.
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