TalkPython - Visual Studio Code for Python Developers

TalkPython - Visual Studio Code for Python Developers

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Course Summary​

It's official: Visual Studio Code is the most popular way Python developers write Python code [1]. In 2022, 37% of Python devs and data scientists reported VS Code as their primary editor/IDE, followed by a close second with PyCharm and then nothing else close.

People choose VS Code because it's clean and simple. But that simplicity belies a massive amount of functionality that is out there to discover. That's the goal of this course, to take you from simply using VS Code to really leveraging its true potential.

What's this course about and how is it different?​

This course takes you hands-on through creating a real and meaningful Python project using FastAPI to give you a true sense of VS Code's potential and exposure to many of its features. Moverover, it's taught by two experts who have both worked at Microsoft (makers of VS Code).
Not only do you get 2 perspectives and areas of experise, but you also get a lively and fun course co-taught by two fun instructors playing off each other throughout the course.

What topics are covered​

In this course, you will:
  • Learn how VS Code compares to an IDE, whether it is an IDE, and if it can become one.
  • How to choose a Python distribution for your projects.
  • Deeply explore the UI of VS Code (e.g. what can you do with the source control feature on the status bar).
  • Rearrange windows and panels to suit your style and preferences.
  • Use the all-important command palette.
  • Install and explore editor themes.
  • Customize the terminal inside of VS Code.
  • Find and install some of the best extensions.
  • Configure VS Code to be optimal for Python development.
  • Manage your virtual environments, packages, and integrate env tools like Flit.
  • Debug and test your Python code.
  • Use source control and git within VS Code.
  • And lots more
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Who is this course for?​

This course is for anyone who wants to use VS Code as their primary development environment. We keep beginners in mind and help them install the necessary elments (like the correct version of Python and VS Code). But we also think there is a lot to offer experienced Python developers who don't take full advantage of VS Code yet.
All software used in this course is free and open source.
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