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The Complete Figma Course – Designing Mobile & Web App UI/UX

Udemy The Complete Figma Course – Designing Mobile & Web App UI/UX

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Learn how to use Figma to design beautiful mobile & web apps that make users feel amazing

What you'll learn
  • How to use Figma on web & desktop
  • Designing full mobile & web mockups (UI Design)
  • Creating great experiences with applications of UX Design
  • Building interactive prototypes to share with co-workers and clients
  • Seeing your prototypes live on your own mobile phone
  • Creating easy-to-tweak designs using re-usable components & styles
  • How to pick colour schemes and unique typography for your designs
  • Working with your clients/team right within Figma

  • A Computer (Mac or Windows)
  • Internet Connection

You will learn how to create beautiful mobile & web user interfaces that you can then turn into live prototypes with the help of Figma.

Figma is a leading design software, helping teams and individuals create designs faster and more efficiently. Figma is free and you can use it right on your web browser, on Mac and Windows.

Is this course for you?
You're in the right place if any of these apply to you:
  • You’re interested in user interface & user experience design (UI/UX) but not sure where to start.
  • You’re an entrepreneur with an app idea and want to turn your idea from a sketch to a realistic mockup and prototype.
  • You want to brush up your design skills to get the job that you want at companies like Airbnb, Google, Apple, etc.
  • You’re already designing and want to jump into Figma and take your designs to the next level.
  • You’re interested in earning income as a freelance designer.
  • You simply want to enter a new career path, and graphic design has interested you.

By the end of this course:
You will have learned the many great tools Figma has to offer and you will be able to design engaging mobile and web mockups, that you can turn into live interactive prototypes, for your own projects or for your clients.

What do I need?
This course is for both beginners & experienced designers looking to expand their skills.
All you need is a computer and a web browser.
About your instructor:
This course is taught by entrepreneur & designer Nima Tahami. Nima has more than 10 years of experience designing and developing dozens of mobile apps and web apps for both clients and startups of his own. Nima's current startup, ShiftRide, has been covered in many news outlets, including Forbes, where his app was highlighted for its ease of use.

Nima has created this course to help people become the best designer they can be. Design is part of the foundation of many things from great products & websites to great advertisements and everything in between. Nima has also designed and developed an open-source iPhone development library by the name of FCAlertView, helping 350,000+ app developers use beautiful customizable alert prompts within their applications.

Course Overview:
The course is broken down into 3 main parts: Learning all about Figma, Designing a Full Mobile Mockup, and Designing a Simple Web App Mockup.

Learning All About Figma:

  • Understanding why Figma is great
  • Signing Up for Figma
  • Going over the basics of the software
  • Importing Files from Sketch
  • Creating Frames, Shapes, and exploring with Drawing Tools

Designing a Full Mobile Mockup:
  • Designing the Mobile App UI for a laundry delivery service called Clean Kangaroo
  • Creating reusable design components
  • Using constraints to create responsive designs for any size mobile device
  • Applying easy-to-change styles for colors and typography
  • Turning our mockup into an interactive prototype
  • Testing our prototype on a real device
  • Sharing & Exporting our designs
  • Working live with a team inside Figma

Designing a Simple Web Mockup:
  • Designing a 3-Page Web App UI for Clean Kangaroo
  • Using Auto-Layout to create smart dynamic designs
  • Filling in our designs with sample data using Plugins

So what are you waiting for?
Let’s get started learning how to design real-world projects using Figma and take our design skills to a whole new level together.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner-level designers interested in user interface & user experience design (UI/UX)
  • Beginner/Intermediate designers interested in earning income as a freelance designer
  • Any-level designers looking to get into web & mobile app designs (graphical user interface)
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to turn their app ideas from a sketch to a realistic mockup and prototype.
  • Anyone looking to jump into a new exciting career with graphic design.
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