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Master MongoDB Version 4! Multi-document Transactions on Replica Sets and Sharded Clusters!

What you'll learn
  • Understand how MongoDB stores and manages data
  • Master fundamental operations lie CRUD, building indexes, capped collections, etc.
  • Perform complicated query operations using aggregation
  • Create, operate and manage replica sets and sharded clusters
  • Perform transaction operations on Mongo shell and using the nodeJS driver
  • Enable role-based access control for better security
  • Monitor the running status of MongoDB
  • Operate MongoDB using nodeJS

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge

Note: this course is developed using mongoDB version 4.2. But new features brought by version 4.4 are also included.
MongoDB is one of the most popular databases. It uses the dynamic schema which means you do not have to pre-define any table structures. Pairing your project with mongoDB, you no longer need to spend time trying to predict what kinds of storage demands you will meet in the future. Your project development is therefore much easier and can be completed more quickly.
To start this course, you only need basic JavaScript knowledge. If you know how to use an object method, then you are good to go. No previous database knowledge is needed.
We will start with basic MongoDB concepts and operations, including how mongoDB stores data, CRUD operations, building validators and indexes. We will also learn how to monitor the running status of mongoDB collections and databases.
Then we will learn advanced operations like aggregation, replica and sharding.
In the end, we will learn how to operate MongoDB using the nodeJS driver.
We want this course to be a serious course that can truly help you master MongoDB and take you to the next level. Therefore, we do not shy away from difficult and complicated topics. But we also believe a good course should make your MongoDB study easy. So we took a two-step approach. We will explain theory first. After you have developed a basic impression, we will apply what we have learned in mongo shell.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to master MongoDB
  • Anyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of MongoDB
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