The Git Mindset [2020]: An intuitive deep-dive into Git

Udemy The Git Mindset [2020]: An intuitive deep-dive into Git

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Gain a deep intuition of the Git version control system through story telling

What you'll learn
  • How to use Git to manage your project
  • How to collaborate with other developers using Git
  • The core concepts underlying Git through storytelling
  • How Git works under the hood
  • How to study the history of your project for learning and troubleshooting
  • Effectively use Git commands in the command line

  • The ability to install software on your computer

This course is designed to help you gain The Git Mindset. Using mechanisms like storytelling, hands-on-labs and quizzes, you'll gain a deep intuition about Git. To follow this course, you don't need any prior knowledge.
The course uses a story to explain not only what Git does, but also how it does those things and why it was designed that way.
Note: This course is up-to-date and uses the newer commands (switch and restore) introduced in Git 2.23.
Gitting the hang of it - Building intuition about Git
This section goes over the story of the smallest team with the simplest workflow - a lone developer named Ana who's working on her software project on her personal machine. Over time, we'll introduce additional requirements like the need to manage historical versions, the need to create backups, the need to collaborate with additional team members etc. Each of these requirements will lead to a change in the version control system and eventually this fictitious version control system (Tig) will have evolved into something very much resembling Git. This section will help you internalize the core concepts of Git with ease.
Gitting our hands dirty! - studying Git basics
We'll take a break from learning the core concepts of Git and try using Git ourselves. This entire section is a series of labs where you'll follow along and get hands on experience with Git. You'll find that the previous section has prepared you with enough core concepts that you'll find everything quite straight forward. By the end of this section, you'll know how to craft commits with care and how to study them.
The team Gits going again!

This section will resume the story of Tig. This time, we'll use storytelling to arrive at the concepts of branching and merging. The story will help you not only understand what branching and merging are, but also how they work and what kinds of problems they help us solve.
Let's Git back into it - resuming our study of Git
This section takes the concepts illustrated through a story in the last section and shows you how they apply to Git. By the end of this section, you'll be comfortable with branching and merging in Git. You'll know how to navigate the history of your project with ease. This will help you greatly with navigating new codebases and in troubleshooting bugs.
Dealing with remotes
This section shows you how to manage Git remotes and how to transfer information between them. The concepts covered in this section are essential for effectively managing your repository through source code hosting providers like Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab etc.

By the end of the course, you'll truly understand Git and you'll be able to use it like it's second nature.
This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone new to Git
  • Anyone who uses Git already, but interested in gaining a deeper intuition about Git
  • Anyone who interacts with the software development lifecycle
  • Anyone interested in managing historical versions of their project
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