The Ultimate Unofficial Udemy Online Course Creation Guide

Udemy The Ultimate Unofficial Udemy Online Course Creation Guide

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Learn the tips and tricks of one of Udemy's top instructors - how to create online courses that sell. (Unofficial)

What you'll learn
  • Choose the best topic for you to teach, and understand how to beat the competition
  • Create a marketing plan to launch and continually promote your course
  • Optimize your course landing page for SEO
  • Create talking head videos with clear audio and crisp video
  • Create visually interesting screencast videos
  • Create a launch plan to maximize the impact of your new course release
  • License your course to other platforms to generate more revenue
  • Transition responsibly to creating courses on a full-time basis
Here's the truth: the vast majority of instructors on Udemy aren't having the impact they desired. But many instructors are successfully making a lucrative, full-time career from producing online courses on the Udemy platform. You can learn the strategies that will set you apart as an instructor, and position you for that kind of success.
Frank Kane has been producing online courses on Udemy since 2015, and has sold over 400,000 paid course enrollments earning over two million dollars. In this course, Frank shares all the stuff he's learned the hard way during that time about what works with course creation, and what doesn't. You'll learn:
  • How to choose the course topic that's best for you, and most likely to succeed
  • Audo/visual tips for producing clear audio and crisp video for different budget levels
  • SEO tips to make sure students find your course when they're looking for your topic
  • How "flywheel effects" should inform your course marketing and course creation strategy
  • How to construct a pre-launch checklist to make your course launch as strong as possible
  • Effective course marketing strategies - as well as strategies to avoid
  • Maintaining your course to keep it selling for years
  • How to vet other platforms that want to host your content
  • Techniques for discouraging piracy of your course
  • How to get more reviews for your courses
  • A plan for making Udemy your full-time job, in a responsible manner
This course is intended as a supplement to Udemy's Teach Hub and resources in your course creation dashboard - it's all the stuff most instructors only learn through experience. Avoid common mistakes in your strategy as an online instructor, and apply proven best practices used by Udemy's top instructors right from the start.
Any instructor on the Udemy platform who wants to make more of an impact will benefit from this course. It's packed with tips, tricks, and lessons learned that can make the difference between a course that flops, and a course that changes the world.
Who this course is for:
  • Udemy instructors who want to maximize their odds for success, both financial and in terms of impact.
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