Tim Corey - SQLite Application From Start to Finish

Tim Corey - SQLite Application From Start to Finish

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Practice WPF and SQLite in a Real-World Environment

This course is designed to help you practice building real-world applications using WPF and SQLite. Along the way, you will also get experience in other areas including:

  • Generics
  • Events
  • Common WPF Controls
  • Parent/Child forms in WPF
  • Tuples
  • Class Libraries
  • Basic Deployment
  • Database creation
  • Full CRUD operations
  • Debugging
  • and more…
Interested in learning more about the course? The first lesson, which introduces the course, is free to take.

What is Included
This course includes the full database, all of the source code, and the git repository to allow you to see the code at every step along the process. Every bit of the work done from the start to the end is done on-screen for you to see and follow along with. Get stuck somewhere? No problem! Just check out the provided code at that particular step and compare the differences.
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This course's link is no longer available/working.
As always, another great course by Tim Corey