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Tristan Broughton – Google Ads Ecom Academy

WSO Tristan Broughton – Google Ads Ecom Academy

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Dear Ecommerce Store Owner,
If you’re not using Google Ads for your Dropshipping or Ecom business in 2019 then you’re leaving money on the table.
The cheapest and easiest ad platform right now is Google Ads.
But, I see lots of people trying to set up Google Ads on their store and wasting tons of money on methods that don’t work.
Look… You can’t just setup Google Ads, run a campaign and hope for the best.
You’ll 100% fail if you do this.
So, if you want to run Google Ads profitably you have two options:
Option 1: Try running Google Ads yourself and likely spend the rest of this year losing money by testing what works.
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