Udacity - Data Streaming Nanodegree

Udacity - Data Streaming Nanodegree

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Learn the skills to take you into the next era of data engineering. Build real-time applications to process big data at scale.
The Data Streaming Nanodegree program is designed for students with intermediate Python and SQL skills, as well as experience with ETL. Basic familiarity with traditional batch processing and basic conceptual familiarity with traditional service architectures is desired, but not required.

Intermediate Python programming knowledge, of the sort gained through the Programming for Data Science Nanodegree program, other introductory programming courses or programs, or additional real-world software development experience. Including:

Strings, numbers, and variables; statements, operators, and expressions;
Lists, tuples, and dictionaries; Conditions, loops;
Procedures, objects, modules, and libraries;
Troubleshooting and debugging; Research & documentation;
Problem solving; Algorithms and data structures

Intermediate SQL knowledge and linear algebra mastery, addressed in the Programming for Data Science Nanodegree program, including:

Joins, Aggregations, and Subqueries
Table definition and manipulation (Create, Update, Insert, Alter)
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