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Ultimate Game Development and Design with Unity 2020

Udemy Ultimate Game Development and Design with Unity 2020

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Become an Indie Developer! Programming, art and animation all in one

What you'll learn
  • Game development with Unity 2020 for PC, iOS, Android etc.
  • C# programming guide from beginner to advanced
  • Inkscape to create 2D vectorized game characters and items
  • Photopea art for animation in your games
  • Art and animation essentials and asset creation
  • Indie development workflow to create games fully from scratch

  • PC to run Unity 2020, three button mouse helps to navigate most art programs
  • Basic computer knowledge

Become an Indie developer. In this Ultimate course we cover it all! Unity as our Game Development Platform, Visual Studio for c# programming to bring the mechanics into our games, Photopea for handdrawn assets and Inkscape for professional looking 2D vector art! You'll learn to do it all yourself, from scratch! Start making games, today.
Who this course is for:
  • Game enthusiasts interested in a new career
  • Beginner level Unity programmers
  • Novice developers moving towards Unity for game creation
  • Curious about game development with little to no knowledge on the subject
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