VEXcode IQ Blocks - Master the new software in a flash

Udemy VEXcode IQ Blocks - Master the new software in a flash

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The new -and free- coding solution from VEX Robotics makes it easy for anyone to write programs for their VEX IQ Robot

What you'll learn
  • Learn to write programs for your VEX IQ robot using VEXcode IQ Blocks
  • Learning VEXcode will be easy if you know SCRATCH
  • Write programs that use motors, sensors and the remote control
  • Make your robot smarter
  • This is a good way to start, if you've always wanted to write programs for your robot, but didn't know where to start.

  • The programming software is free, but you won't be able to test your programs without a VEX IQ robot.
  • A PC, MAC or Chromebook

This course is intended for beginner robot coders or others transferring from RobotC (or ModKit). VEXcode looks and works like SCRATCH, so if you're familiar with Scratch, you'll quickly learn the basics of programming your VEX IQ robot. This course covers all the sensors, including the new Vision Sensor, as well as the remote control - at the end of this course you'll be able to confidently program your robot to do some neat tricks.
/ Please note that VEX Robotics changed the name of the software to VEXcode. /
/ It is now possible to create text programs from within the same editor. /
/ I'll create an intermediate level course for VEXcode using C++ shortly. /
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner robotics students or even new robotics coaches
  • If you're transferring from RobotC, Modkit, or other software
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