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Web Hacking: WordPress Penetration Testing and Security

Udemy Web Hacking: WordPress Penetration Testing and Security

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Learn how to do Penetration Testing on WordPress based sites also learn how to increase security on WordPress sites

What you'll learn
  • WordPress Core Architecture
  • How to find Vulnerabilities in WordPress Sites
  • How Hacker Exploit Vulnerabilities in WordPress
  • How to Increase Security of WordPress Sites
  • How to Defend Against WordPress Attacks

  • Basic Ethical Hacking Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of websites and web applications
  • Knowledge of PHP Language

Did you know that more than 30% of websites on internet are based on WordPress and more than 42% of online shopping sites are using WordPress as E-commerce solution.
WordPress is robust and powerful open source website creation tool. In this course we are going to see the vulnerabilities in WordPress based sites We will start this course by looking into the core architecture of WordPress like How WordPress works? How themes work in WordPress? What are plugins and how to create plugins? Then will looking into information gathering phase of WordPress. We will see how to do version detection and how to gather user information. We will also try to find vulnerabilities in WordPress themes and plugins.
After that we will see how to exploit these vulnerabilities and gain access to WordPress site. We will also try and gain access to complete server using WordPress site. Then Will see how to write malware code and exploit WordPress site on different levels. After looking into WordPress vulnerabilities we will see how to secure WordPress sites. We will provide you step by step information to secure your new WordPress site as well as existing WordPress sites.

Who this course is for:
  • Web developers interested in WordPress Security
  • Ethical Hackers who wants to learn about WordPress Security
  • People who wants to Secure their own or company WordPress site
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