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What Will You Get?
  • Access to all HD course videos covering topics from the fundamentals to advanced animations
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    • 21 Project Tutorials
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Is This Course For You?
If you are looking to stand out among job applicants by having a deep understanding of CSS, or if you just want to finally understand how CSS works in depth so you can start building beautiful web applications with ease then this course is perfect for you. Whether you use CSS every day but struggle trying to venture past libraries like Bootstrap, or have never used CSS before, this course has something for you.

This course is for you if:
  • You want to land a frontend developer job
  • You are a complete beginner at CSS and frontend development
  • You are already familiar with CSS but want to learn how to use modern CSS
  • You spend the majority of your time battling against CSS frameworks and are tired of not understanding how CSS works
What Will You Learn?
  • A deep understanding of how CSS works beyond just learning each property
  • How to use modern CSS layout techniques such as grid and flexbox to create stunning designs
  • In depth CSS animations from basic hover animations to complex page load animations
  • Tons of CSS best practices for building scalable applications
  • How to use advanced CSS concepts such as custom properties and pseudo elements to simplify your code
  • And so much more in depth CSS information
Why This Course?
While there are a ton of CSS courses available for you to choose from, none compare to this course. Instead of focusing on learning individual CSS properties and values, this course is focused on learning CSS in depth. I focus on simplifying and thoroughly explaining every complex CSS topic so you have a deep understanding of how to build any product you can dream of. This means that instead of mindlessly copying the code from the video you will be actively learning each and every topic covered.

In order to ensure that you retain the knowledge from this course, each topic is broken down into small and easy to digest videos followed by one or more projects specifically focused on teaching that topic. On top of that, each topic also has exercises for you to complete which present the perfect level of challenge for you to optimally learn the topic. This three-tiered approach to learning where I teach you the topic, show you how to use it, and have you build your own project is incredibly effective at long term knowledge retention.

In order to accomplish such a highly focused and well-explained course, all unrelated concepts are kept to a bare minimum. This means no extra time is wasted on building out large HTML files, complex JavaScript, or repetitive projects. Instead, every minute of this course is focused solely on learning CSS. Because of the focused nature of this course you will learn everything about CSS in a shorter time.

I also utilize my extreme passion for clean and well designed code to show you all the best practices and design patterns you need to know in order to easily create complex CSS stylesheets. This is something most other courses never even talk about, let alone cover in the depth I do.

I could go on for hours about why this course is the best choice for you, but in essence if you buy this course you will learn more in less time which leads to you building your own projects quicker.
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