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Windows 10 Troubleshooting For IT Support

Udemy Windows 10 Troubleshooting For IT Support

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Learn How To Diagnose, Identify and Fix Windows 10 Problems Like A Pro

What you'll learn
  • How To Diagnose a Problem By Gathering Information
  • How To Assist A Remote User Using Windows 10 Assistance Tools
  • How To Install a Software On a Remote Computer
  • How To Create A System Backup & Recovery Drive
  • How To Use Automated Troubleshooter To Fix Common Windows 10 Problems
  • How Repair Non-Bootable Computers

  • A computer with a least 6Gb of RAM and 50Gb of free disk space Is needed to create a virtual machine

According to the netmarketshare website, Windows client operating systems dominate the market place with more than 87% of the computers in the world running a Windows operating system.
Windows 10, the latest Microsoft operating system, runs on more than 55% of the computers in the world.

As more and more companies are migrating their old Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10, companies are looking for qualified IT support professionals to support and maintain the companies computers asset and provide quality support to the end-users.
If you are planning to apply for an IT support technician position, you must know how to troubleshoot and fix Windows 10 computers.

This course will provide you with the necessary skills that allow you to provide high-level desktop support.
This course will teach you how to solve the day to day Windows 10 problems you might encounter as an IT support technician. From the more common problems to the uncommon ones.

More than that, with the virtual Lab, you are going to simulate problems and use the techniques taught in this course to fix them. It's a 100% practical course.

If you want to become a high skilled IT support professional, then join me in the course to start a unique learning experience.
Who this course is for:
  • Fresh graduates IT people who want to start a desktop support career
  • Helpdesk technicians who want to improve their troubleshooting skill
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