WordPress development: Ideas and Patterns

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Learn Wordpress, PHP, JS by creating a beautiful theme.


This course has a small introductory part and then we immediately jump into a big project. Yes, it's not easy for beginners, but those are our goals - to achieve more. The logic and structure of the course will help us with this: different ideas on how to implement one functionality, sometimes up to 5-6 ideas, which will give a more voluminous idea of how WordPress works; familiarize yourself with many patterns that are usually not so easy to detect.
You will learn the lifecycle of WordPress, how it is built, and what you will need to expand its functionality. By doing step by step, as this course is builded, finally you will get enough knowledge to build somethig similar or even more complex project, i have no doubt.
We will go through all the steps of WordPress development together, starting with design in figma, and you will get a link to that modern design. We don't focus on building html/css, but sometime we do this also to see more clearly what html structure we need to implement functionality, and we will learn some tricks with css. But most of the time (~90%) is development with WordPress, PHP, JS. We will also take a look at Vue.js (JavaScript framework).
1. Create custom theme.
2. Template files.
3. Template Hierarchy.
4. WordPress database. CRUD.
5. Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, Post Statuses.
6. SQL Queries. Create Custom WordPress Table.
7. PHP / JS OOP,
8. WordPress Hooks. Custom Hooks.
9. Customizer.
10. Menus, Comments with Walker.
11. Vue.js
And so much more.
The main advantage of this course is that it constantly refers to the WordPress documentation, which makes it impossible to mislead or misinterpret. You can completely trust the course.

Who this course is for:​

  • If you want to get advanced skills.
  • If you want to get master skills.
  • If you want to get monster skills.
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