Wordpress Theme Development with Twig and Timber

Udemy Wordpress Theme Development with Twig and Timber

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Easily learn to create themes in HTML style. Clean and readable code with modern approach. Even without PHP knowledge.


Important: Course has been updated in July 2020. Chapter 3 and 4 are live with more information and also increased font size.
Default WordPress templating system has some weaknesses. I will show you how to use Twig and Timber to create themes with modern approach where template is separated from the controller, templates are clean and readable just like in HTML with some extra features.
You will learn basics about Twig and Timber and how to use it in WordPress. As the project we are going to create a website from scratch using this environment. PHP and Bootstrap knowledge is useful bot not required. The only requirement is basic knowledge about HTML and CSS to understand the code.
Additional information:
  • This course is more like an introduction, we are going to stay near the beginner level for most of the time. It is not a full guide covering all features of Twig or Timber.

Who this course is for:​

  • Developers that don't know PHP and want to create Wordpress theme.
  • Developers that know PHP and search for better experience in creating Wordpress themes.
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