1. D

    Udemy Transformers JS: Chrome Ext & Huggingface w/ FREE AI models

    What you'll learnBasic Understanding of Artificial Intelligence Understanding real-world applications of AI in the Browser Creating Chrome Extensions Leveraging Hugging Face and Transformer JS Grasping Machine Learning concepts Exploring Natural Language Processing (NLP)RequirementsBasic...
  2. D

    Udemy Build a ChatGPT-enhanced and Whisper API Chrome Extension

    What you'll learnIntroduction to Chrome Extensions Integrating OpenAI APIs Identify and interact with form fields using JavaScript and DOM manipulation Inject form field suggestions using ChatGPT API Implement voice-filling functionality with the Whisper ASR API Extension User Interface and...
  3. TUTProfessor

    Udemy Google Chrome Extension Development For Everyone [2020]

    The only course you need to learn basics of google chrome extension development and develop your own right away!What you'll learnCore fundamentals of extension development Understanding of Chrome API and listeners A user interface for interacting with extension Publishing your extension to...