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    KodeKloud - Shell Scripts for Beginners

    Jagddish submitted a new resource:KodeKloud - Shell Scripts for Beginners - Shell Scripts for Beginners course from KodekloudRead more about this resource...
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    Networking knowledge for a DevOps engineer

    How much Networking knowledge is needed for a DevOps engineer
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    Linux knowledge for DevOps

    How much Linux knowledge is needed for a DevOps engineer
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - The Linux Academy Elastic Certification Preparation Course

    About the course Elasticsearch has become a favorite technology of administrators, engineers, and developers alike. Whether you are using it with the rest of the Elastic Stack, or on its own, Elasticsearch is a powerful and user-friendly search and analytics engine. Log aggregation, operational...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Configuring SUSE Linux Enterprise

    About the course This course and the rest of the series cover the objectives for the SUSE Certified Administrator in Enterprise Linux 15 exam, # 050-754._ In this second course of the series, we’ll take a look at the practice of Remote Administration with SSH and VNC including configuring the...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Introduction to Linux Management Tools

    About the course This course walks a new Linux system administrator through a few basic tools that are used to monitor, configure and optimize a system, and assist with troubleshooting issues. There are two sections to this course. Our first section focuses on select command line utilities. Our...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Apache Web Server Hardening

    About the course In this course, we teach Apache web server hardening and cover what web server hardening is and why it plays a crucial part in running a web server. We go over several configurations we can perform to help secure our Apache web server as much as possible. In addition, we talk...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - systemd Management for Linux

    About the course This course is designed to help demystify the sometimes difficult and deep topic of systemd, the most widely used service management scheme in Linux today. The world of systemd has been a rocky one, initially full of controversy and the subject of much criticism. It has climbed...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Mastering Systemd

    About the course So you have heard that systemd is the new way that services and daemons are managed on a Linux system. Most of the popular distributions have already adopted it, so now you need to learn how to use it. Follow along with us as we explore the history of this Linux subsystem and...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - LEMP Stack Deep Dive

    About the course In this course, you will gain a better understanding of the LEMP stack through lessons and hands-on labs. You will learn how to install a LEMP stack on both RHEL and Ubuntu Linux, perform basic configuration of NGINX, secure MariaDB, and even deploy a PHP application on a LEMP...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Networking Foundations

    About the course Are you interested in networking and need a place to start, or looking to brush up on the basics? This course takes you through foundational networking concepts without presuming any prior knowledge.
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Linux Network Client Management

    About the course This is a standalone course on Linux Network Client Management and is also a learning path to prepare you for the LPIC-2 202-450 exam. In this course, we’ll discuss configurations for managing network clients, such as DHCP, PAM, and LDAP.
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)

    About the course The Linux job market continues to grow and expand, and this course will help prepare you for one of the standard industry Linux administration certifications. This course has been designed to match the domains, skills, knowledge, and competencies as detailed by the Linux Foundation.
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Hands-On with HAProxy Load Balancer

    About the course Are you looking to bring some balance to your applications and services? HAProxy is free, fast, and very reliable, providing high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. In this short course, we’re going to take a look at this open-source...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Multi-Session with screen

    About the course System operators, developers, and users of Linux systems all need to be able to run multiple commands via a single terminal session, as that may be all they have — or by the policy are restricted to — when signed into or connected to systems. Being able to run multiple sessions...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Managing Linux Servers with Cockpit

    About the course In this course, we explore the Cockpit web-based management interface on CentOS 7. We then take an end-to-end look at the management interface and get hands-on while managing multiple CentOS 7 instances using Cockpit. Upon completion of the course, you will be up and running...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - LPI DevOps Tools Engineer Certification

    About the course The DevOps movement has entered the maturity stage in Information Technology. The philosophy behind DevOps is well understood at this point, and more and more tools are being developed to enable the implementation of that philosophy. This course will prepare the prospective...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Prometheus Deep Dive

    About the course This course will provide an in-depth look at the Prometheus open-source monitoring and alerting tool. We will discuss how to install, configure, and run the various components of the Prometheus ecosystem. We will talk about how to monitor systems and applications with...
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - LPIC-1: System Administrator – Exam 102 (v5 Objectives)

    About the course Continuing from our previous Linux+ and LPIC-1: System Administrator – Exam 101 course, we will complete the objectives for the LPIC-1 exam. We will cover the content that is tested in the Exam 102-500 that was released in the Fall of 2018.
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    Linux Academy LinuxAcademy - Learning Vagrant

    About the course Learning Vagrant introduces students to Vagrant, a virtual machine environment management tool. This course aims to provide even beginners both basic virtualization skills and knowledge and provide a working knowledge of Vagrant and its underlying default provider, VirtualBox...