Are you new on TutFlix? [FAQ & RULES]

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Jul 31, 2020
Welcome to TutFlix, please read this guide fully :)

#1. Read all our forum rules here>>

then read the most important rules attached on the top bar of the request section & general section top
General Section>>
Request Section>>

#2. If you have read 1st part now let's understand, how our download system works?

Our download system is encrypted & before downloading any resources first create & setup your custom OAuth ID (authentication id), To set up this watch this video>>

To Download a resource watch this video>>

You can find all other user guides here -->>

#3. Resources download links are broken/ not working what should I do?

>> we pay monthly for google workspace to provide & maintain all the resources. In April 2021, we lose all uploaded data by the MEGA file host. So if you are downloading old resources that are uploaded/updated before April 2021 you will face the broken link problem. What you can do is go to that resource discussion tab then mention it, uploader will check & updates in few weeks.

#4. After OAuth id setup, I can't download/copy files, it's showing an error "User Rate Limit Error Exceed"?

>> 'User rate limit exceed' error is flood protection by google to protect abuse of their service. if a file is downloaded many times in a short time, this limit is applied to uploader's google account. so keep calm & wait 24 hours to reset the file daily time limit. we can't do anything to prevent this limit. you must have to wait 24 hours to prevent the limit.

#5. I want to contribute/share my resources with the community users, how can i do that?

To submit a resource>>

To check upload rules & get approved as uploader>>

Don't post any similar website download link for advertising or promotion, you will be banned from the forum with your IP address. Check the request section rules to understand the sharing process.

#6. Do we allow multiple/duplicate accounts?

No, we will ban your account + your IP + Your ISP if we found any. Once your account is banned, we cant re-open/active your account, so don't mail us for appeal anymore.

If you are detected as a multiple account holder your account will be banned within 2 days & you will receive a mail on your forum mailbox. if you don't take any action within this time period we will terminate/ban your both account.

Have a good journey in your learning career, once you have enough money to buy the course please support the author. our forum is only for newbie learners who can't afford high valuable resources.

Note:- We don't upload any malware on our uploaded files + all our download servers are encrypted so dont worry. please support us by whitelisting our site on your adblocker & support us to upload more resources in the future.

Please Read All Forum Rules & User Guides First, Before making any threads & Download any resource.


We reserve the right to change/modify the rules & user guides at any time.
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