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best coding bootcamp in india

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New member
Nov 10, 2021
All of them teach the same concepts. Different teachers, different delivery but same content. Why? Because only fundamental concepts can be taught to a beginner. Only semi-guided/non-guided resources can make you a good developer because you learn to build while challenging yourself. Learn to learn, there is enough of free content to take advantage of if you know how to use them while making sure that you are actually learning and not memorizing. Imagine playing cricket after memorizing some different line & lengths of bowling and your shots corresponding to them. Will you learn batting by remembering which shot to play out of your memory or would you to like to learn batting by actually playing some random balls coming your way(semi-guided: footwork, timing fundamentals = syntax, design patterns of a programming language).


Active member
Sep 16, 2020
App Academy has made their complete program free for self learning, it's called
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. Skip the bootcamp, and with the money you save, hire a local mentor instead. Reach out to engineers at your favorite tech companies on linkedin (preferably eng managers, team leads or CTOs at smaller companies) and offer to pay them in exchange for mentorship.

Something in the range of 100 euro/dollars works well here in the EU and in the Americas, so negotiate with the mentor If you have zero coding experience, I would do two sessions of 1 hour each per week to start with and go from there. If you have decent understanding and programming/logic ability, two sessions of 1/2 hour per week should be sufficient.

Good luck!