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Jul 31, 2020
General Rules
  • Don't post any similar website link as download link or reference. posting download link or asking for download link of any content directly in the general section is not allowed, Reason:- it indexes on google so there is a high chance the download link gets taken down or we may receive notice for DMCA violations. if we receive any report your account will be warned with some restrictions. if you repeat this again your account will be permanently banned.
  • Don't Post Course Request here, the thread will be removed & your account will receive a warning
  • If you are creating a thread on this section make sure your thread title is clear to read, don't use short thread titles like- "help" "hello" "hi" - use an appropriate title that matches your thread content. so that anyone can easily help you. or help them understand what's your problem/issue.

  • The official language of the Forum is English. Please post only in English.
  • No posts containing aggressive behavior, racism, political slurs, or talking about religion or faiths.
  • Vulgar, offensive or otherwise obscene names will be Banned. Repeated violations will result in IP address suspension.
  • Avatars/profile photos of pornographic or sexual nature will be removed. Repeated violations will result in account suspension.
  • No Links to other Forums are to be posted anyplace other than your profile, violators found posting their site link in our forums will be banned and blacklisted.
  • Remember always to notify a Moderator or submit a report if you find anything you feel violates any rules.
  • We reserve the right to move, remove, or edit content at any time.
  • Multiple Account Not Allowed if you are trying any trick this will not work for a long time, once we will run a security check you will get caught both accounts and your account will get banned.

  • Promotional Sites & Similar Sites Link Posting Not Allowed, we will ban you from Forum (No More Warnings). If you want to share anything on the forum make you have read the sharing rules(on request section top bar) & remove promotional files from your sharing links & you upload it on a file host then share on forum. Hosts Allowed:- MEGA, Pixeldrain , Zipppyshare & Gdrive
  • No Torrent Link & No Similar Sites Links promotion on forum
  • Before posting any sort of Help request, including forum topics and FAQ, please use the search function to prevent repeat questions and provide you with the most timely response.
  • Use descriptive topic titles. Topic titles such as Help, Error, or Not Working are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Racism or sexism of any type is prohibited and will be punished accordingly.
  • Flaming or raging of any sort is not allowed and will be punished based on severity and at the discretion of the Management Team.
  • Speaking of controversial subjects: You are allowed to post these sorts of things in the General and Off-Topic sections of the forum. However, it is not recommended as you may lose your respect in the community if you have a different opinion on it. These topics tend to cause wars and are generally a pain, so they should be avoided.
  • If a topic is locked by a Staff member, leave it; do not create a duplicate topic.
  • Responding to any topic with "thanks", "good", "cool" or anything of the sort is considered spam. It will be treated as so by Staff and the appropriate actions will be taken.
  • When posting a lengthy amount of code, don't just wrap it in Code tags, wrap the code, and the Code tags in Spoiler tags. This prevents having to scroll endlessly to move past the code when viewing a topic.
  • Copy / pasting the same message in topics or creating several pointless spam topics in an effort to fraudulently increase your post count or for any other reason is prohibited.

Have a good time, act maturely, be friendly, contribute resources, and share your experience/opinion! That's what this community is all about. Please avoid drama, we dislike it too when things go wrong, but there's a report button. Do not "call out" other users - just report their post!​
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