[Guide] How To Download From MEGA & Bypass Bandwidth

Should we move to our OWN Torrent Tracker? (Setup cost 300$)

  • Yes , i may help with little donation

  • No , MEGA fine & perfect

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Jul 31, 2020
There are many Methods Available on Internet (i think you already know), BTW I am sharing 3 methods here. If you have any better method share we will add it here

Method 1:- MEGA Link Downloader

MEGA Link Downloader is a tool to download efficiently by fully using all connections your network allowed from https://mega.nz site

Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

Simple graphic user interface makes MEGA Link Downloader user friendly and easy to use.

MEGA Link Downloader has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads.

- Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10
- NET Framework 4.7.2

Installer (Latest: v3.0)
SHA1: c6e158e357e23714fe83df1121f028d9475ed19e

Main Source Page:- https://sites.google.com/site/shinchirosplayground/home/mega-link-downloader

Bypass 'Over Quota' Problem
If you're unlucky, you'll hit 'over quota' problem when downloading from MEGA. Workaround for this problem is using new IP addresswhen resuming download. There's 2 ways of getting new IP address:

1. Restart your router.
2. Search for faster http proxies and put it inside downloader's setting. This method doesn't need any MEGA account.



Main source Page:- https://github.com/tonikelope/megabasterd

Download :- https://github.com/tonikelope/megabasterd/releases/

How to USE This Software Video Tutorial:-

METHOD 3:- Google Colab

this will help you to download MEGA files on your Gdrive

notebook link:- Here





How to Bypass MEGA Bandwidth
Tools you need to start:-

1. uProxyTool (windows)- download link
2. Updated Proxy sources - here (go to the last section for getting the latest & updated list)

There is no harmful virus contain in Any software, but virustotal will show you some virus notice, don't worry!

Let's Start, First download UProxyTool then Open the zip file & extract the zip you will find this files & folders

go to the DATA folder


Open source.txt file

Now, Copy all sources list from downloaded txt >>(i am talking about no.2 option if you have downloaded the list open it first)

note:- if you scrape from all sources list you need some hours to scrape many proxies (if you are lazy then copy some list from the last section of txt file

here i have copied some sources links to the Source.txt file then saved it


Now open uProxyTool Application click scrape button


Wait until its finish its job

you can see updates on the bottom left corner

Don't click stop in the middle of the scraping job, it may crash the software & stop responding


my scrapping job finished now, click check button

I have stopped scrapping & now I will copy all the proxy by sorting (time ms)

by sorting low time(ms) you can get better speed on that proxies first

for coping all proxies click any of proxy list then CTRL + C to Copy all the proxy paste all proxy into a notepa



Now open megabasterd


Check smart proxy & paste all proxies

Click save & try to resume the download again.

To know more about proxy scrapping check out youtube videos & sources

Some FAQ:-

Why do we upload on MEGA?

-because there are copyright takedown issues, if we upload Gdrive links & link them to Forum download button they may get reported by author directly, once we get many reports Google will block our Gdrive storage even we are paying google for it. Even mega also block account if an account get 3+ report, we upload on Free mega account so that there is no issue & you can ask for fix the links by report the resource & reason , we will try to fix the links in few days.

why on mega? there are many host available why we are not uploading there?

see there are many host available in the internet, almost all free file storage services have expires issue (file may expire in 1/2 month after upload)

Also comes to security & speed I think mega best (if you know any trustworthy free file storage let us know, we may convert there & there will be no issue)

also we can upload BIG collections on MEGA where on other free storages have limited storage so its not possible to provide collections anymore.

We upload all courses in Extracted form, you can stream any videos online by browser or MEGA application. So that you don't have to download zip then extract then watch

If you know any better & encrypted Free file host let us know, Or Should we move to our OWN BitTorrent Tracker?
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