[Guides] How to download and extract 50 GB of rar files using single 15 GB Google drive.

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Oct 6, 2020
Note: Not for the faint hearted. Cumbersome method.

Problem it solves : You have low bandwidth. 🤣 You can't download 50GB in a single day due to data caps. 😅 Plus, you have 15 GB of Google Drive space for importing rar files from Tutflix. Now you want to download or watch a 50GB tutorial from Tutflix using a Single Google Drive without downloading a single file. 🤣

1. Login to your Gdrive. Open Google Colab. Google Colab provides you with ~70GB of Hard Disk space that will be used for this purpose.

2. Using Tutflix authentication method import rar files into your Gdrive a few at a time. Say, you import 3 rar parts of a tutorial each 4GB in size. In essence, you've used 12 GB of the 15 GB drive space. But say, 10 rar parts of 4GB each are still remaining. Now what to do?

Refer to my other discussion for understanding how Google Colab works >> https://tutflix.org/threads/instruc...p-files-in-google-drive-save-bandwidth.28925/

3. Go to Google Colab. In Google Colab file explorer, mount your Gdrive, and using the explorer create a new folder "outside" of your drive in the directory structure. Say, you created a "Tutflix" folder. This space is not your drive space but belongs to Goog Colab space which is ~70GB free.

4. Now in the Colab file explorer using drag-and-drop move the rar parts present in your Gdrive folder to the "Tutflix" folder . This effectively moves the rar files to the "Tutflix" folder. The moving will take ~1 minute of time if a rar is of 4GB.

5. As soon as a file is moved to the "Tutflix" folder, your Gdrive recycle bin will have a trashed copy. Empty it. This frees space for you in Gdrive. Meanwhile, the same rar file has already been moved in "Tutflix" folder. Also, don't forget to hit Reload in the tutflix download link.

5. Keep repeating this until all of the rar files have been imported into your Gdrive and then into this Google Colab "Tutflix" folder.

6. Unrar the files using !unrar command. Extract them to a different Colab folder by creating a new folder just like you did before, say "Extracted".

7. As all the rar files will be sequentially extracted (part1.rar >> then part2.rar >> then part3.rar and so on...) , keep deleting the rar parts which have already been extracted using Google Colab file explorer.

8. In this way you can have >50GB of extracted rar/zip files in your Gdrive (using the Colab space).

9. Start moving these extracted folders to different drives. Say, you can have a 50GB extracted folder divided into 4 parts moved to 4 different Google Drives.

Refer: https://tutflix.org/threads/instruc...older-from-one-google-drive-to-another.28958/

10. That's it.
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