Is this site also turning into another money hungry and add crazy like all other course sharing websites out there.

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Sep 30, 2020
If someone carries it well..doesnot mean it's not heavy..bro...
learn to appreciate other's efforts..anyone can complain but not everyone will see the the big picture...
If You have any idea how much it takes to manage something like this in part time you would be greatful too...
and if you have enough money please respect the original content creators and buy from them directly..instead of waiting for premium membership..
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Sep 15, 2020
I remember the costs were talked about a year ago around the first month i joined. And the breakdown was that the linkvertise and ads were very not enough. There were donations to keep the site running and the goal ($200) was reached within a week or two. Personally I wouldnt complain about a site where I can pirate top quality content for free EASILY. It takes me less than 30 seconds to get a download link to the content that I'd use for several weeks, of which the said content could possibly end up impacting my career for the best. As well as many course sharing sites are full of ads and are sketchy, sometimes have malware and trackers on their downloads. Tutflix and its previous site (now defunct) have been consistent in providing trustworthy downloads for $100+ courses as well as regularly updating and increasing their content.


New member
Jan 10, 2021
whatever anyone says please know that what you are doing is changing peoples lives . iam still a student and couldnt afford most courses because they are in usd, but because of you iam learning everyday getting good at what iam passionate about. i'll be ever greatful to you, i do hope to support you someday. thanks again.


Dec 4, 2020
seriously, I thought this site is different from others in content sharing for less fortunate people.

But as all other sites, its just matter of time, turning into all money hungry website where you have to get through an add just even to go to next page while browsing.

My be its always true..."Nothing is free in this world"

they advertise as free and make more money than a normal subscription website will make.

I understand you guys need money to manage the servers and website.

you can always start premium memberships or donations to do that, but instead you guys are going for a profitable money earning all do out there.

If you guys are that serious about sharing knowledge for free, you can openly state how much you guys are spending each month to maintain the website and ask for donations. I think some of the courses are bought by people who participate in group buys or open contributions.. you are earning from these courses also buy sharing a advertised link.

I am willing to pay premium for clean and better website where people who cant pay can use without ads.

PS: you can oppose my view, but don't use foul language and abuse. I am just putting this up for discussion.
What? I don't mind ads. I enjoy this website a lot. and yeah everyone trying to make money. are you jealous lol. i support tut professor.
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