Resource Submit Rules & Guides For (Uploader's) Group

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Jul 31, 2020

Hello, We are happy to see you are interested in becoming a TutFlix Verified Uploader...
Just Some Points to mention and you are good to go.

What is the uploader Group?
It is another group like premium users, an uploader can share their resource collection & earn money from it.


This is Verified Uploader group Demo

What's Special in it?

-Uploaders can download daily 15 resources

-Uploader have the ability to monetize their download links with linkvertise

-Uploader can access Some Hacks / Sharing Tricks so that they can upload resources as many as they want in a short time.

How I can get a promotion to the uploader Group?

TutFlixers (Members) are not able to Monetize their links now. Only Uploaders are able to monetize their download links.

1. You must have to be a Member (1-Month-Old) + You have at least 35 Approved Resource

(What is this? As a member you can submit any resource you want, that will go for moderation & staff will check if it’s okay or not then your resource will get approved)

2.We Only Allow these Image Hosting Sites For Uploaders or or [Dont use Direct Image Upload Button on our server]

3. Premium Link Hosting Sites are NOT Allowed [Example:- Rapidgator / Nitroflare & Others]

Host We Allow For Upload:-
*MEGA.NZ (Primary)

*Google Drive (Only Allowed If Size Below 5GB)

4. Duplicate Resources are not Allowed [Use Search Button Before Upload], If the previous resource link expired you may request to the uploader for Fix the link of that Resource (if he not able fix report to admin within 3 days staff will remove that resource, after that, you can upload that resource) should give priority to your valuable uploads, not on Earnings.
[You can use Linkvertise on your links (Payouts:- Bank Account, Paypal and Others)]

6. Uploader should have the capability to update the course & fill other course requests (which are already requested on Request Section)

7. Atleast Try to Provide Daily Resources as much as you can & Update Them & help when someone is looking for help.

Linkvertise & Other link rules for Uploader:-

*Uploader can use maximum 4 Ad format [Except linkvertise downloader & App Download Options]

*If your resource size below >=15 GB you can't use Browser Extension option.

15GB up <+ you can add browser extension option it’s up to you

(so below 15Gb resources should use 2 or 3 ad format so that users don’t feel irritating)

If you are using other monetization options, make sure there is no malware (on your advertising) & user don't get offended.

Resource Upload Rules that Uploader Should Maintain:-

*If you are uploading Udemy Resources, Make Sure to Check Course Rating At least 4.0+ And Author Rating also 4.0+

*If you are uploading Lynda / Skillshare / Other Resources, Make sure that resource will Good | Best for Learners (from well-known Author), Don’t Post Just Normal Courses.

*Add Size Info Under the Thumbnail Image, Set it to Center Align, Make it colorful so that people can notice the text.

*Uploader must upload the resource from his own file host account. Linking to other 3rd party websites or forums Download link not allowed. (If we found anyone posting others direct link you will get a warning, next time your account get banned without any warning)

* Uploader Must Follow Resource posting system (which already posted on user guides) & Post resources on applicable categories + Add source URL + Thumbnail + Icon

*All Uploads from Verified Uploader Must Contain Our TutFlix Files or They must rename the course Folder name like this [ $ (your username)]


Other Topics:-

*Verified Uploader can request to change their username (Once per Month). Can chat privately with anyone

*We will provide you Private TEAM DRIVE on your Gdrive for Backup Your Resources, Validity Lifetime.

(Team Drive Limits - 400,000 Files or Folders so if you crossed it, you can Request for a New Drive)

*Some Helpful Guides & Hacks will Help you Upload resources in a Short Period

Tutorials & Useful Hacks For Uploader (Only Visible For Uploaders):-

Preparing Videos & Tools Need Some Time to Release ( we will add here soon)
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