FrontendMasters - Design Systems with Storybook, v2

FrontendMasters - Design Systems with Storybook, v2

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Workshop Details​

This workshop offers a comprehensive guide to building design systems using Storybook. Covering everything from basic setup to advanced features, attendees will learn about atomic design, accessibility, visual regression testing, responsive design, and dark mode implementation. The workshop emphasizes practical, hands-on learning for effective team collaboration and documentation.

Any Prerequisites?​

  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and familiarity with React
  • Understanding of CSS and styling concepts

Key Takeaways​

By participating along with us in the workshop, you'll learn:
  • Skills in documentation, deployment, and team collaboration
  • Deep understanding of Storybook’s new features and capabilities
  • Mastery in creating and managing a robust design system
  • Techniques for building atomic, responsive, and accessible components
  • Best practices in implementing visual regression testing and dark mode

Is This Workshop for Me?​

Frontend developers, UI/UX designers, and team leads looking to leverage Storybook for creating and scaling design systems. The workshop is mostly framework-agnostic but uses React for demonstrations.
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