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Fix this please
I don't know what to say to you! It is working now .Go Get Some Help!
Kindly update the link. The course is no loger available.
This course is out-of-date Current state is: 2022/12
There are new update can you update please ?

new update: 17 sections • 54 lectures • 9h 42m total length
Last updated 2/2023
Please brother update the course
Im having trouble with my drawings i hope this course will gonna fix all of my problems thanks for the share not much time left for my final exams i hope im gonna pass the exams
Thanks so much for sharing this source, totally appreciated!
Please update this course...🫶
Excellent copywriting resource, thanks!
really good, thank you!
can you please also update this to recent version?
Oh i love the guys behind this course. its soo good. i had the privilege of downloading it years ago and i must say an update makes it way better. I highly recommend for those who want to have knowledge on Computer Vision
Amazing course, as i don't know anything about microservices it gives me a lot of useful info