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thank you so fu*k**g much man. was looking for it for so long! much love man.
This is one of Udemy's free courses.

All of the lessons are named out of sync (both here and on Udemy), so their content matches the lesson after the titles claim.

Also, this course only touches on a few of the early areas of the GCSE curriculum... it's useful for revision, but is in no way complete.
that's great but week 6th isn't complete and i thing week 8 also not completed
I get what i wanted for thanks alot
Thanks, it work well
can you please tell is update 2 is continuation of update 1..?
Satoru Gojo
Satoru Gojo
yes its another part from where update 1 lessons left off
I am facing an issue while importing this in Figma, It almost takes hours and still not importing the file.
This never happened on my end.
excellent definitely the one of the best course !
Awesome share Thank you :)
Appreciate your feedback.
Awesome Thank you :)
Utilize it well.