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Thank you very much! Could you please add the code part as full if you have. HTML part is good but full code would be perfect! Thanks again!
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Helping millions of people break into DevOps and Cloud (1M+ Community) 🎬💙Helping millions of people break into DevOps and Cloud (1M+ Community) 🎬💙
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We’ve had a bit of a slow down in last 2 weeks, but we still managed to release the next 2 chapters of the DevSecOps Bootcamp 🙌 👇

Super happy about the quality, the amount of information packed in these new chapters 💎

This part is about building a secure CI/CD pipeline for micro services app using ArgoCD & GitOps best practices. Making the application deployment
✅ secure
✅ efficient &
✅ completely automated

This chapter builds on previous ones:
1. So we are extending a hashtag#terraform project to install hashtag#argocd in hashtag#k8s cluster on hashtag#aws & connect it with the GitOps repo, all via automated IaC pipeline.
2. But we aren’t just showing the setup, we are configuring an actual pipeline of dynamically updating & building a new application version using GitLab downstream pipeline feature, which then triggers ArgoCD to automatically pull the K8s manifest changes made by GitLab CI pipeline.

This highlights 1 important thing that many programs lack, which is I’m building out the project chapter by chapter, instead of teaching tools in isolation. This is super important for me, because that’s where the actual advanced skills lie 💪

Please release part 2 , it will be so helpfull
Link is not working. Please provide us active link.
"archive has a corrupt header"
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Hi tutflix team, can you please update this course.
I lost my copy of this. Can you reupload on google drive? Please
I already bought the gym rings one and it worked beautifully
Thanks for the course.
There are some videos which has no data. Please try to re upload.

009 Design a Key-Value Store Dynamo DB
016 Proxy vs Reverse Proxy
022 Database Indexing - Part1 B+ Tree and Data Page Understanding
024 Distributed Concurrency Control - Part1 Isolation Level
Everything is here, files organised exactly how they should be and it's the updated version, 5* thanks!
the first video of all the rar files are of 0 bytes. Can you please fix ?