Emil Kowalski - Animations on the web

Emil Kowalski - Animations on the web

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Learn how to craft animations that make people feel something. It's for those that like my style of animations and/or anyone aspiring to improve their skills. This course contains everything I know about motion on the web. You'll learn how to build components like these two below, and more.

01 — Fundamentals​

Split into 3 parts: making it feel right, how I use framer motion, the big little details. Additionally, I’ll give you some resources that I use when working with motion, a blueprint of sorts. Keep in mind that the parts are not finalized yet and might change.

02 — Walkthroughs​

You’ll get to see how I create animations from scratch, including the reasons behind my decisions. I’ll show you the tricks I use, and how I tackle the challenges I face. Source code will be included, and more walkthroughs will be added over time.
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